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Equipaws Pets Shares: Another Happy Pet Testimonial!

“I can’t say enough good things about Flavia and her team. They have taken care of our 6 kitties many times for a year now, and am very grateful for their services. I could tell from the initial consultation, I chose the right company. They keep an online file that includes everything they need to know about your pet and the house, and it can be updated anytime.

They have a check list for each day so they don’t forget anytyhing. Then, they write a detailed explanation about the visit, such as kitty behavior, taking out the trash, when the lawn people were visiting, etc.

One of my cats needs medicine twice a day but was not around during the evening feeding. Flavia came back to my house and stayed until after 11:00 PM, waiting for my cat to return so she could give him his medicine.

Before Equipaws starting taking care of my kitties, I would have various people look after them. One or two would disappear for days at a time. They seemed angry and withdrawn when we returned home. Now, I don’t notice any change in their behavior, and they don’t disappear.

This is a company you can trust to take care of your pets and your house!”

Michelle M., from Yelp.com

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