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Dog Friendly Spaces in Miami: Lokal Burgers and Beer

dog friendly restaurant in Miami

Are there any dog-friendly restaurants in Miami?

Why, yes! Miami is full of dog-friendly restaurants, parks, and venues! Just this week, pet sitters and dog walkers Flavia and Frankie Berti were enjoying lunch at Lokal Burgers and Beer in Coconut Grove in between pet sits and dog runs and discovered that Lokal not only puts out fresh doggy biscuits and water for passersby, but they have a dedicated Doggy Menu, complete with non-alcoholic beer for the more discerning canine!

Dogs Will Dig It: Doggy Menu at Lokal Burgers and Beer

The restaurant had Equipaws Pet Services at the free doggy biscuits, but looking further into its workings reveals even more impressive details. The doggy menu has three options for your pet, sure to please even your more finicky eater. Check out these tasty treasures on the menu…

1. Chichi Get the Meatloaf: “Homemade meatloaf made with egg, wheat bran, oregano and tomato puree. Comes with an after dinner breath mint. $5.”

2. Yeyo’s Chicken & Rice: “Grilled Florida chicken, cut and mixed with brown rice, carrots, and peas. Served with an after dinner breath mint. $5.”

3. Bowser Beer: “Non-Alcoholic beer, served over ice, made in Tampa especially for dogs. $6.”

We’re dying to bring our dogs! The human-approved options are just as good (check out the chicken and waffles, below!). And, best of all, not only is their meat local, it’s grown humanely, it’s grass-fed, and sustainable. Lokal is also the only restaurant in all of Miami to be powered exclusively by clean wind and solar power provided by Pear Energy. We love Lokal’s passion for local, sustainable proteins, produce, and energy! This rings true to Equipaws’ belief in being as environmentally aware and proactive as possible in our industry, which is why we only use biodegradable doggy bags, and why our website is hosted by the clean and green Acorn Host, powered by solar and wind power as well.

The whole restaurant seems to be made out of recycled goodies. Cork board art, the tables are made from recycled wood chips, and their chairs are a collection of cast-offs from other restaurants. The greenest item is one that’s already been made… so Lokal has this right!

It feels great to support a local restaurant with a heart and a conscience… and which clearly loves dogs. Equipaws gives this restaurant four pawprints of approval! So, will you be taking your dog to Lokal this weekend? Or do you have another favorite spot for you and your pooch? Let us know in the comments, below!




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