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Picture of a cat receiving eye drops

Equipaws Pet Home Health Care: how we can help!

Picture of a cat receiving eye drops Sometimes you need help following your veterinarians’ treatment plan. 

Many of you all are staying home working remotely, which means you notice health issues with your pets more frequently since you’re around them much more. No wonder veterinary visits are at an all time high! Most veterinary clinics in Miami are curbside, making taking them to the vet a little tough when it comes to understanding treatment plans, but we still need to be diligent with the treatment plan given to you for your pet. And sometimes treatment plans become a challenge and seem like something you feel overwhelmed by. That’s when you can call Equipaws Home Health Care for help. 

What is pet home health care, anyway?

Our mission is to provide the very best in-home health care for your precious pets when they – and you – need it most. As pet parents ourselves, we know how important it is to ensure your pets receive the best care. When their needs become complicated, overwhelming, or simply a little more intimidating – that’s where we come in.  Our veterinary technicians come to your home and ensure that, with you, we accomplish the treatment prescribed by your veterinarian, enabling  your pets to get the best care and outcome expected by your veterinarian’s plan, to identify new issues or unforeseen new symptoms, and ensure positive outcomes from the treatment in place. 

Our technicians are experienced with animal health and treatments that a pet parent may not be able to accomplish. Depending on the diagnosis, many questions may arise after you leave the clinic. You might have questions like: “How do I pill the Cat?”, “What time do I start?”, and “Did I give the proper dose?”. We can help with every aspect of treatments:

  • From injectables to a daily pill or special feeding 
  • We check vitals as needed and the visible stability of the pet at each visit. 
  • We log all treatments and findings at each visit. 
  • We can help you communicate updates to your veterinarian as these outcomes are identified and also communicate new concerns that may not be part of the diagnosis. 

Sharing this with your veterinarians is very valuable and we notify you if there is an urgent matter to convey to the vet. We are also happy to take your pets to and from the veterinarian for you, or help you translate the discharge and emails. 

Pet health care in the comfort of home, according to your veterinarian’s treatment plan.

Equipaws Pet Home Health Care has helped pet parents with many of their at-home health care needs, from administering timely oral medications, to taking samples for blood glucose checks and giving injectable medications. We can educate you on how to successfully complete the treatments your doctor has given you and come daily to complete them while you are working or out of town. 

How much medicine should I give again?

Giving pets medications, like insulin for kitties with diabetes, can go wrong.  We can also help make sense of your pet’s treatment plans. When curbside visits are the only option, asking your veterinarian questions can be hard. Many questions come up during the staff’s conversation with you at your car, but discussing the plan and demonstrating the treatment is stressful when you have a question that comes up in your mind at home or during your first attempt at implementing the treatment by yourself. Our vet techs are experienced enough to know which questions to ask, and that asking questions is better than proceeding without knowing for certain.

So whether your pet simply needs a little extra help in the form of daily medications, or post-operative care, or more hands-on prolonged hospice care, our experienced, competent veterinary technicians will administer medications, fluids, and carry out your pet’s treatment plan with Fear-Free Strategies as directed by your veterinarian. You can rest easy knowing that we only perform treatment as recommended by your licensed veterinarian. Equipaws Home Health Care Services does not give any medical advice or prescribe medications. Our mission is to work together with your veterinarian to offer your pet the best in-home vet tech care at the lowest stress level possible. Call us today to help you! Please call or email us today: 305.794.3733, or reservations@equipawspetservices.com




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