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Dog Friendly Parks Coconut Grove

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Dog Friendly Parks, Coconut Grove, FL

After indulging in all that food & drink in the uber dog-friendly Coconut Grove restaurants, you and your furry friend would really benefit from a nice walk! Our pet sitters have enjoyed every park below in their very serious research on dog-fun. Please enjoy these pawsome dog friendly parks in Miami!

The Barnacle Historic State Park:

Between the hours of 9:00 am and 5:00 pm, The Barnacle is a beautiful and quiet walk you’ll both enjoy! As with all Florida state parks, please be sure your pup is leashed and that you clean up after her. Lush with history, the Barnacle (built in 1891) offers a glimpse into old Florida the second you step into the native hammock that once dominated the area’s landscape. After coming upon Commodore Munroe’s house, there is a vast expanse with shade trees under which you and your pup and sit and take a quiet rest away from the city’s noise. The view of Biscayne Bay from here is absolutely beautiful, so prepare for your zen moment of the day.

Peacock Park:

Known as the “ground zero” of any Coconut Grove festival, Peacock Park is always buzzing with one thing or another – from evening kickball games to children playing after school, this park is always lively. You can enjoy a nice, leisurely, grassy stroll with your pup on your way to Bayside Park. Please be sure to have your poop bags with you and always clean up after your furry pal in this cute, dog friendly park!

Kenneth M. Meyers Bayside Park:

Where McFarlane Road turns into a footpath and gives way to Bayshore Drive, Peacock Park gives way to Meyers Bayside Park. You’ve driven by it before, with its outdoor gym equipment and funny metal giraffe. It’s a nice park to stroll through with your pup. You can look out onto the bay at the boats and, if boats are your thing, you can continue strolling northeast to walk along the marina.

DogPark @ David T. Kennedy Park:

Further northeast up Bayshore Drive is David T. Kennedy Park. Named after a less famous (and probably less scandalous) Kennedy, this park is the home of Coconut Grove’s official dog park, so if Fido is feeling social, this is the place to go! As with most dog parks, Kennedy Park has two separate fenced in areas for larger and smaller dogs. Dog owners can let their dogs roam leash-free to sniff around and make some friends. As with all dog parks, please be aware of your surroundings, your dog’s activities, and surrounding pooches.  Safety first!

Don’t have time to take your pooch to any of these dog friendly parks? Our dog walkers live in Coconut Grove and would be happy to take your pup out for a break, walk, or run!

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