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When Should You Get Pet Insurance for Your Pet?

When should you get pet insurance for your pet?

Many pet parents wonder if their four-legged family member is too young or too old for a pet insurance plan, or when they should get pet insurance for their pet, if at all. First, you need to consider why people buy pet insurance. It offers financial protection and ensures that your pet receives necessary health care, especially during times when weather extremes present additional hazards for pet safety as well as . But at what age should you get pet insurance for your pet? The answer is simple – the sooner, the better!

When to get your pet insurance? ASAP! 

Pet insurance plans should be purchased as early as possible, even on the day you bring your new family member home. Pet insurance plans don’t cover pre-existing conditions. Purchasing a plan as soon as you have your dog or cat ensures that any future developments in their health will be covered by your plan. Buying pet insurance at a young age (when puppies and kittens tend to get into more trouble) can also save you thousands of dollars on emergency treatment costs, and provide peace of mind knowing your pet is protected against any unexpected health issues. There are some pet insurance plans that cover dental disease but they may require proof of absence of periodontal disease and may have age restrictions- another reason to purchase that pet insurance plan early. 

When should you get pet insurance for your senior pet? 

It is important to note that some pet insurance providers may have age restrictions, anywhere from seven to 14 years, so pay close attention to the policy details when choosing a plan for an older pet. Unfortunately, some pet insurance plans won’t insure older dogs. You need to research which plans will cover your senior dogs (Trupanion will insure pets up to 14 years old, for example).  While some pre-existing conditions may not be covered, you can still get coverage for new health conditions that arise in the future.

Don’t drop your pet insurance as your dog or cat ages!

Pet parents may be tempted to drop their insurance as their pet ages, reasoning that their pet is more mature and won’t get into as much trouble. However, as pets age, there are plenty of age-related issues, such as tumors or problems with joins and ligaments due to obesity, that can be painful and expensive to treat properly.

Boots was grateful for his pet insurance!

We learned from direct experience that it’s best to keep your pet insurance. We almost cancelled our insurance for our 8 year old Shih Tzu, Boots, because he’d been in perfect health his whole life. Then he ended up having Intervertebral Disc Disease and needing surgery (shout out to Southeast Veterinary Neurology for their fantastic care for our Boots!) and we were so grateful that we had maintained his insurance coverage. We were able to get him the care he needed without worrying about budget limitations and he recovered completely. That’s why, for us, it’s better to keep your insurance just in case, unless you’ve saved enough money on the side or consider using CareCredit. You must determine what’s right for you and your budget. 

When to get pet insurance is a personal choice. But in our opinion and through years of experience, it’s always better to be prepared for any eventuality. So don’t wait for your pet to develop a health issue before you invest in pet insurance.. Protect your furry friend’s health and your financial well-being by purchasing pet insurance as early as possible if it’s within your budget!

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