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What Does a Pet Sitter Do?

I was having a drink with friends in beautiful South Miami last week and got to chatting with a nice couple sitting next to me at the bar. As these conversations go, they soon asked me about what I do for a living. When I told them “I’m a pet sitter,” they were full of questions: do I walk dogs, or do I bring the dogs to my home? How popular is pet sitting? People usually have a lot of questions about what we do, and when pet sitting is a good fit versus boarding for their dogs. So I’d like to share some insight on what pet sitting is all about!

 What a pet sitter does:

It seems like a question with an obvious answer: a pet sitter takes care of people’s beloved pets. But it’s more than that. We take care of your pets in their familiar homes and act like family, playing with their toys, loving on them. Here in Miami we typically visit pets twice a day at minimum to make sure they are fed, have clean water, and lots of attention so they don’t feel lonely. It’s a great option for most dogs, all cats, bunnies, birds, but it works especially well for some of the more shy dogs and small animals who’d rather not go to a kennel or leave their home.

Pet sitters offer different services. For example, we also offer daily dog walks, runs, or breaks for the busy professional. It’s also important to know that pet sitters should be bonded, licensed and insured.

 Why hire us as your pet sitter?

It turns out that nice couple I talked to has a Spanish-speaking cleaning lady who walks their dogs around Pinecrest whenever she works for them. Why hire a pet sitter to do an easy job?, they ask. Many reasons, friends.

A professional pet sitter will:

  1. Ensure your pet’s good health. For example, we know animal behavior and can recognize potentially aggressive behavior patterns in other dogs, which can prevent confrontations.
  2. Have experience with dogs, cats, small animals, and know when to seek veterinary attention. A professional pet sitter knows when it’s too hot to take the dog out, and is usually certified in pet CPR. We are!
  3. Be responsible in case of emergencies. Any pet sitter worth her salt will have a network of veterinarians, plumbers, and the like to contact in the event of an emergency.
  4. Instill good behaviors and habits in your animals. If the cleaning lady, who specializes in cleaning your home, doesn’t know how to walk your dog properly, she could be reinforcing incorrect behaviors that are a headache to undo.
  5. Maintain medical treatment knowledgeably when required
  6. Be bonded, licensed, and insured.

 House Sitting: Extra benefits to hiring a pet sitter

Pet sitters aren’t just, well, pet sitters. We’re sort of house sitters, too, taking care of your home while we’re there. We’ll alternate lights, bring in your mail, take out trash, and water plants. It’s nice to have that sense of comfort and well-being for both your pets and your home. We also get around; we can recommend a veterinarian, groomer, pest control service, and maintenance professional. Finally, we will save you from imposing on family, friends, and neighbors, which makes you not only an awesome pet parent, but a great person to be around!

We hope this helped. Please contact us with any questions, or feel free to book your pet sit in Miami today!


  • Ana Maria Chavez

    I would like to register my dog Bandit for pet sitting services. I would need to have the dog stay at the sitter’s house. The dates are from 7/12 to 7/19. I spoke to Flavia already, and she asked me to register, but my zip code is out of your range. I want to set up an appointment for next week, if possible, to meet the sitter and bring Bandit to meet the sitter.
    Thank you,
    Ana Chavez

    • Frankie Berti

      Hello, Ana! Thank you for your inquiry! I know Flavia has been in touch with you and will get you the date for the meet and greet. Have a great weekend!

  • Philip

    How much do you charge per day for boarding a medium size dog (shiba Inu).

    • Frankie Berti

      Hello Philip,

      We apologize for not replying sooner. If you’d still like to learn about our services, please call Flavia at 305.794.3733, or fill out our contact form. Thank you!

  • myriam

    I would like to know how much it is to board the dog or stay at someone’s home while I’m away on a trip dec 27-01/02/2016. Do you provide this service?


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