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Cat Health Month: Help Your Cat Live 9 Lives!

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Cat Health Month: Help your cat live 9 lives

February is Cat Health Month, which is a purrrfect reminder to check on your feline friend! Cats are known to be independent, often giving a standoffish impression when humans are around or playing hard to get for affection.  Every now and then they ask for a little love and a bit of food, so caring for them seems fairly simple. More care than you think goes into kitty care, though.  

Have these tips in mind when giving your cat long and happy 9 lives:

  • Wellness Check-Ups: Cats should receive a yearly wellness and routine care check up. If they are older, take them for veterinary care every 6 months. 
  • Understanding the Importance of Flea Protectant: Fleas can carry and transmit diseases causing infections, parasites and even worms! Use a monthly flea guard to keep your cat parasite free.
  • Spaying & Neutering: The world has an enormous overpopulation of cats (85.5 million pet cats and 30 to 40 million community cats.  That doesn’t even include the cats in shelters and rescues).  Spaying your cat will keep the population down and also prevent further reproductive health issues down the road.
  • Vaccinations: Vaccinations are a preventative measure you can take for your cat’s health.  Your veterinarian can provide a timeline for when your loved one is in need of the immunization. Unfortunately, if the cat is already infected the vaccination is not effective.
  • Routine Grooming and Trimming: Keeping your kitties’ coats groomed will cut down on shedding, hairballs and makes you aware of any unwanted lumps and bumps that may pop up on their body.  In addition, keeping nails trimmed will give them less of a reason to scratch that beautiful new leather chair you purchased for the living room and reduce playful scratches.
  • Keep Kitty Litter Clean:  When you have a dirty litter box cats are more likely to find a new, fresh place to do their business.  The litter box should be cleaned totally (emptied, washed with hot water and soap) at least once a week.
  • Regular Exercise:  Who doesn’t love seeing their cat go crazy for a laser light!  Keep them occupied with various toys, catnip, string, household objects, etc.  I’ve even seen cats play in boxes left open or a reflection of light in the window. Entertainment and exercise is key for a happy and active cat. 
  • Diet: Give your cat a healthy diet that matches to your pet’s age and changing needs.  No table scraps!  You never know what a cat may be allergic to or have difficulty digesting.

Now that you have the tools and knowledge for excellent kitty care, give some special attention to your loved one during cat health month and implement these tips into your pet care routine!  

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  • Kairi Gainsborough

    I had no idea that cats should be getting annual check-ups just like people! I haven’t taken my cat to a vet since he had his vaccinations as a kitten. I’m pretty diligent about all the other things on the list, so that is good news. I’ll have to make an appointment with an animal clinic soon for a check-up.


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