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The Most Thoughtful Gift for Dog Dads

Happy father's Day!

Father’s Day and Your Furry Sibling

Affection and family time with your pups are not only precious but also the best gift you can offer your dad on Father’s Day. Your father has a dog, but did you know that the bond between him and his furry friend might be just as strong as the one between you and him? According to The Telegraph, scientific studies show that when owners and dogs gaze into each other’s eyes it triggers a rapid increase of the hormone oxytocin in both humans and pets. The same happens when children and parents look into each other’s eyes or hug, which suggests that “humans may feel affection for their companion dogs similar to that felt toward human family members,” says Dr. Miho Nagasawa, from the Department of Animal Science at Azabu University in Sagamihara, Japan, in the aforementioned newspaper.

So why not make this Father’s Day an all-inclusive event by taking your father and his furry child out to a pet event or walk in the park followed by a dinner at a pet friendly restaurant? If you’re not sure where to begin, Equipaws is always here to help!

Celebrate Father’s Day at a Pet-Friendly Restaurant in Miami

If your father has an iguana, she might just blend in on the tropical terrace of any of the outdoor dining places of Miami. If he has a dog, even better. He will be surely welcome at the many pet-friendly restaurants in the Magic City. From GreenStreet Café and Scotty’s Landing in the Grove, to Deli Lane in South Miami, to Lokal in Coconut Grove and  Brickell’s Doggie Restaurant Paradise that we wrote about before, your father’s four-pawed friend  will delight in sipping his fresh water and chewing on his fancy treats while socializing with his other canine fellows.  Some restaurants will go out of their way and provide a menu for your father’s dog. Shake Shack on Lincoln Road has a play area for dogs and offers them ShackBurger biscuits and dessert, while the Burger & Beer Joint takes care of them with complimentary rice and chopped burger.

Make Father’s Day a Walk in the Park

Christmas or Hanukah, Father’s Day or 4th of July, your father’s dog needs his daily walks. Why not make them extra fun by visiting a top rated dog park such as West Kendall Dog Park, Barkham Dog Park at Markham Park, or Tropical Park?

And since we live in Miami, the best dog parks are at the beach. The Dog Beach of Hollywood is very popular with dog parents, and so are Haulover Beach, Hobie Beach – also known as Windsurfer Beach – and the  Bark Beach at North Shore Open Space Park. They may be farther from where you live, but well worth the drive. Make sure to check the schedule and the beach’s pet sitting policies before going. Miami Beach also has a beautiful Dog Friendly Promenade which gives you easy access to the dog friendly Lincoln Road, the famous restaurant filled outdoor mall of South Beach.

A Dog Photo Speaks a Thousand Words

While you are out and about and have put on your best attire and behavior, what a wonderful opportunity to book a convenient Pet Portrait Session with MaxNorman Photography who has now partnered with Equipaws to help you capture those lovely expressions on your pooch’s face.

You can also enjoy a great photo session with your family and the furry kids at the Doggy Studio & Boutique in South Miami, where not only can you capture the beauty of that binding moment, but you can also buy adorable accessories and delicious treats for your doggies.

And of course, if you feel that the doggie’s style needs a little tweaking before the photo shoot, our team at Equipaws is happy to help you by taking your father’s pooch to the groomer ahead of time so that he would be ready for the big day.

Chances are that your father’s furry companion has also been your companion for years now and you understand oh, so well, the research that attests to the fact that his puppy eyes can melt your heart. All the more reason to express your gratitude and unconditional love for your dad on Father’s Day by sharing in the joy of bonding with all your family members, be they furry or not.

Contributed by pet sitter Manuela Nelersa.

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