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Things That Make Our Tails Wag: Happy Pet Sitting Clients!

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There are so many things to be grateful for as pet sitters living in Miami. For starters, we get to walk dogs and pet sit for snuggly, lovely dogs, cats and birds daily, in what is arguably the city with the best weather in the United States (oh, and yes, birds DO snuggle!).

While caring and loving animals comes naturally to the staff at Equipaws Pet Services, we do consider this a profession that requires attention to detail and training. We do our best to improve daily and provide consistency and quality to fit each pet’s needs, which is why we feel so good when we receive testimonials from happy pet parents like this one from Carolyn, mother to Leela and Penny, on our Google Plus page!

“I am grateful for the great TLC that was provided by Equipaws. I had to go on a 3 week trip and leave my “pack.” It had been a year since I traveled for my 6 year old dobie mix and it was the first time leaving my lil schnauzer. Equipaws stayed in touch with me whenever I asked for an update. Even uploaded a cute picture of them onto Facebook! When I returned I found the log, visit by visit notes, and two very happy dogs. I know that they miss Jake (petsitter). Thank you!”

Good job, Jake! He cared for Penny and Leela for three wonderful weeks during the holidays, and could not have been happier with the love and zest that these little girls share with the world. We are grateful that their mom felt comfortable enough to keep them in our care for so long, and we’re also grateful to have reliable, professional employees! Jake’s pretty great at walking dogs, too. Let us know if you need help keeping your pooch in shape in the Pinecrest area! Jake will be ready to help.

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