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Roxanna Elden

Preventing Dog Bites: A lecture in child and dog safety In honor of Dog Bite Prevention Month and families with dogs welcoming new babies, Equipaws Pet Services and Applause Your Paws, Inc. are co-hosting a fun and educational event, “Preparing for Life with Dog & Baby.” Dee Hoult, expert trainer and owner of Applause Your Paws, will give a lecture teaching parents and children how to live and play safely around dogs and prevent dog […]
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Rudy’s New Human: A Q & A with the author Local Miami author Roxanna Elden was inspired to write “Rudy’s New Human,” thanks to her experience with her first pregnancy and her beloved pup, Rudy. The book is told from the point of view of Rudy, a scrappy schnauzer mix who is ready to share his life with his new sister but encounters some unexpected experiences on the road to becoming his new human’s friend. […]
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