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House train your new puppy: potty training You have a new holiday or second-wave pandemic puppy! Now is the time to establish good habits and create a beautiful relationship with your little one. Just like babies and toddlers, they are learning everything from the ground up. It’s our responsibility to guide them and teach them how to behave well, and what is safe and what is off limits, all while providing them with the best […]
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Great Agility Course and Puppy Training in Miami! We believe in keeping pets fit, healthy and happy through our dog walking and running services. Our Miami dog walkers work one-on-one with our clients’ pups to reinforce good leash walking habits, among other things. But what about the dogs who need a little extra training? Or who need to be potty trained, socialized, or who are interested in more options for their dogs? In that case, […]
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