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We want to wish everyone affected by Sandy the best, speediest recovery. We are saddened to see the amount of flooding and destruction it caused, and heartbroken that anyone has died. Even one gone is too much. Our hearts are also aching for the animals that undoubtedly have had a very difficult time. We wonder how the stray dogs, cats, birds and wildlife have fared; in emergencies animals can sometimes be left by the wayside. […]
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It so happens that one of the most common questions we get from our pet sitting clients is about which food they should be serving their dogs. We turned to J.J. Diaz, the enthusiastic and knowledgeable purveyor of our own dogs’ special pet food, Miami native, and owner of Animal Crackers, for advice. He’s been a huge help in alleviating our Shar-Pei’s chronic skin allergies, reducing costly vet visits, and eased us into the process […]
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