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Meet Emma del Rey, professional photographer, animal lover, and a part of the Equipaws Pet Services family (her mother is our social media manager and head trainer!). Emma’s photographs are subtle, delicate, and stunning. She recently graduated from the New World School of the Arts. 1. When did you know you wanted to be a photographer and how did you get there? I started shooting when I was 13. I was homeschooled so I had […]
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Pet Photography Simplified: Tips from Pet Sitter Mike Tacoronte Most pet parents’ phones’ are crammed with hundreds, if not thousands, of photos of their pets, and they want more. Double that for our pet sitters, who snap our clients’ cats and dogs on their pet sits or dog walks daily. Why not improve the quality of our pet photography? Enter Mike Tacoronte, one of our newest dog walkers in Coconut Grove and a budding pro […]
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