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Feline Parenthood: Embracing the Duties of Cat Owners Cat parenting is both a rewarding and a multi-faceted commitment. Being a responsible cat parent means providing the proper care for your kitty, including appropriate nutrition, providing a cat-friendly environment and proper veterinary care, and respecting each kitty’s unique needs and personality. One of the myths people believe about cats is that you can leave them alone and that they take care of themselves. True cat parents […]
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Miami Pet Spotlight: Simba, a Domestic Shorthair Owner: Marylynne Winning over Shy Cats Working for a Miami pet sitting and dog walking company, you experience your fair share of animal personalities and entertainment. Cat sitting is becoming more and more popular and recently I was lucky enough to meet a rescue cat named Simba, a domestic shorthair with a gorgeous gray tabby pattern who has curious eyes, a hesitant demeanor, and an enormous need for […]
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