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heat stroke in dogs

April is Pet First Aid Awareness Month, and the perfect time for pet owners to learn life-saving skills from Pet Tech’s Pet CPR & First Aid course. Our pet sitter Frankie recently became a Pet Tech instructor and is ready to help Miami’s pets stay safe, healthy, and happy! Equipaws Pet Services is all about prevention first and foremost. That includes giving your dogs great nutrition, making sure they are not overweight, providing them with […]
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How to Prevent Heat Stroke in Dogs: We walk and run dogs in Miami for a living. Making sure our precious pups are safe during our notoriously hot weather is a MUST. That’s why our dog walkers and runners are trained to prevent heatstroke by knowing the types and symptoms of heat injury. They are also trained in how to keep dogs well-hydrated and instructed to keep them to the shade, off the asphalt, and […]
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