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We encounter strange dogs daily while walking dogs around Miami, so we have a tip or two to prevent dog bites. It’s important to know that every dog can and will bite under certain circumstances. Sometimes the pet is in pain; sometimes they are possessive of toys… You can be prepared and prevent dog bites by following what we write about in this post. We hope it helps! Responsible pet ownership and education are the […]
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It is within the realm of possibility that your dog may bite someone one day. Learn about dog bite statistics and situations on our blog.
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The Equipaws Pet Services pack had its first two training sessions with Lebby Gonzalez, owner of Rocco’s Pack Pet Services and positive reinforcement trainer in Miami, this week. We believe all dog owners and dogs can use a little leash walking refresher once in a while. And, dogs love the attention and interaction with their parents during training sessions! Positive Reinforcement Training We chose Lebby because she specializes in positive reinforcement training techniques. Positive reinforcement […]
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