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Skype Your Pets!

Do you ever wonder what your pooch (or kitty!) gets up to while you’re not at home? Wonder no more!  Whether you’d like to soothe your new puppy, check in on your pet post-surgery to make sure s/he is not scratching, solve a behavioral issue, or get an answer to a recurring conundrum, Skype can help you!

This lovely infographic (below) we found on Pinterest can help you set up Skype to automatically pick up when you call Fido – paws-free! This works especially well when you know you will be at work long hours. Of course, there’s no substitute for real contact and TLC (not to mention a timely dinner and a nice walk!), so make sure to book your pet sitter for those long days at the office!

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Our dogs become attached to us, and even though your dog may not suffer from separation anxiety, all that time left alone gets boring. It will invigorate your dog to hear your voice. It may also be a bit of a mental challenge, which can be fun for your dog. Some dog owners have been surprised to find that their dogs do actually whine a bit for their pet parents when they are out of the house. It can be heart-warming (although admittedly a little heart-wrenching, too).

If you are up for solving that age-old question “I wonder what my dog does while I’m away?” simply follow the steps below to get set-up! We are excited to hear from you if you do decide to do this, so please drop us a line in the comments to let us know what your dog or cat gets up to while you’re out of the house!

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