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Even more pet safety tips for New Year’s Eve!

Are you celebrating New Year’s Eve at home and inviting guests over? If you have pets, please make sure your guests are on the same page as you are! Let them gently know that you have rules in place to make sure your pets and kids are safe. 

If you’re grilling outdoors, make sure your pets are not getting into any of the fatty foods typical to these celebrations. There are so many tempting dishes- rib bones, fatty burgers and hot dogs, corn on the cob… all of these can can cause obstructions or pancreatitis. Some common foods are toxic so keep that in mind, too. We’re talking onions, and any celebratory snacks like chocolate and the 12 grapes (we think it’s a Peruvian tradition which our family observes but we’re sharing it just in case!).   

Below is a quick list of pet safety tips to keep your pets safe on the day of New Year’s Eve:

  • Keep them away from the hot grill!
  • Monitor the food on counters and on said grill.
  • Make time to give them a long walk out of the sun, and get them exercised so they’re tired at night (you can always hire a dog walker to take them out earlier in the day if you’re busy).
  • Careful with overexposure to sun and heat (know the signs of your pet overheating).
  • Never leave them in a car, even with the windows cracked open.
  • Keep pets at home: don’t go to parades with them, and especially don’t go to fireworks displays.
  • If you have lots of guests, put them in their safe room/crate or make sure guests don’t leave doors and gates open.

We hope this helps you keep your pets safe this New Year’s Eve!

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