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Brickell Bay Animal Hospital

Vet Spotlight: Brickell Bay Animal Hospital

The Brickell neighborhood in the heart of Miami is a thriving pet community. You can find pet parents and pups walking, running, playing fetch, and enjoying the city lifestyle almost all day. Who cares for the well-being of these pets? Our favorite local veterinarian, Dr. Greg Frishman, his wife Carla, and the dedicated team at Brickell Bay Animal Hospital (BBAH)!

Carla Frishman was kind enough to give Equipaws the inside scoop on this exceptional family-run veterinary practice. Their mission in opening their practice was to “own an animal hospital that had a true family feel with sincere, kind, and genuine doctors and staff members,” Carla tells us. They did just that in November 2012 when the hospital came to fruition.

Building Relationships, One Pet Parent at a Time

Dr. Frishman’s practice makes a major effort to stand out from the rest by making a personal connection with each client. Carla says, “His outstanding communication skills and ability to bond with pet owners while fully involving them in the decision-making process helps pet owners feel comfortable and confident with preventative care plans as well as treating their pets’ illnesses.” This way of thinking has given BBAH an incredible reputation in the community, and our own clients have only positive things to say.

Furthermore, “Building solid, sincere, and honest relationships with clients by fostering trust and mutual respect has helped solidify our hospital’s excellent reputation for enhancing the bond client’s share with their pets.” We love referring our clients to BBAH as they share our same core values of creating honest relationships and trust with the client, pet, and understanding everyone’s needs. They also maintain a consistent social media presence where they share tips on keeping your pup healthy, like in the image below! Check out their Facebook page for more tips.

Brickell Bay Animal Hospital

Brickell Bay Animal Hospital Address and Services:

Conveniently located in The Plaza building on Brickell Bay Drive, this office cares for dogs and cats only. BBAH offers a variety of services to cater to your pets’ every need:

  • Wellness Services and Preventative Care
  • Hospitalization in the ICU
  • Surgeries
  • Dentals (including non-anesthetic dentals with Pet Friendly Dental Services)
  • Basic bathing services
  • Veterinary Supervised Boarding
  • Heartworm Prevention and Flea/Tick Control
  • Puppy and Kitten Vaccine Packages

Carla encourages clients to stop by and say hello. The staff always has a treat and extra TLC waiting for your pet. Also, they let pups hop on the lobby scale to ensure they keep a healthy weight.

A Boutique Experience

Not only can you receive wonderful services for your pet, but also stock up on any medication or health needs. “We have heartworm prevention, flea/tick control, dental care products, joint supplements and vitamins, and prescription foods and shampoos in stock. As a small, family-owned and operated business, we offer great prices on our products.”

Veterinarian Pro-Tip: Take Advantage of Rebates!

As a pro tip Carla suggest taking advantage of the rebates companies or vets offer. “What most people don’t know is that with the manufacturer’s rebates available to you only from your vet, our prices on heartworm prevention and flea/tick control are almost always lower than internet pharmacies. The sales of products allows us to keep our prices on veterinary services affordable and our families appreciate your business.”

Brickell Bay Animal Hospital staff

Who is Brickell Bay Animal Hospital?

Brickell Bay Animal Hospital has a great team that consists of three passionate and exceptional vets. Dr. Amanda DeCerce who specializes in internal medicine and dermatology, Dr. Amanda Walton who enjoys surgery and neurology, and Dr. Barbara Campos who is passionate about internal medicine and infectious disease. They strongly believe all doctors should work together. “Doctors collaborate on their cases and work well together to accomplish the ultimate goal of ensuring our patients receive the best health care.” Carla explains. Currently, BBAH has 15 fantastic employees and no plans of expansion.

How to Keep Your Brickell Pup Healthy?

As Brickell is a big happy animal community, spending time outdoors and coming into contact with many others is an everyday occurrence. Carla warns pet parents to watch out for, “the increased risk of exposure to disease (parasites, respiratory/skin/gastrointestinal infections).” She recommends regular exams by your veterinarian for ensuring that your pet remains healthy.

One pound of prevention…

Carla also added, “to keep dogs on monthly heartworm prevention, intestinal parasite control, flea and tick control, as well as customizing a vaccine schedule that is tailored to your pet’s level of risk as dictated by their lifestyle.” Prevention of these issues is much better physically and emotionally for you and your pet.

Brickell Bay Animal Hospital team

How to Prepare for an Easy Vet Visit:

Carla has a great tip on preparing for a vet visit and that is to bring your pet in hungry! “We love to give lots of treats to make sure our patients have a positive and enjoyable visit with us. We love our cats, too and utilize special pheromone sprays, a soft towel on the exam table, and cat nip to minimize their anxiety.” Carla is spot on when she says “that vet visits for pets should be fun, easy, and stress free!”

Pet Health Insurance:

Insurance is not required by their office, but definitely recommended. Also, BBAH is happy to help set up clients with insurance companies. Carla says, “Visit our website (www.BBAH.com) or stop by our hospital for more information on some great companies that will help you protect your pet and give you peace of mind.”

How to Book Veterinary Care in Brickell:

Calling ahead and scheduling an appointment will ensure the best care for you and your pet. Of course emergency situations are not planned, but they ask for you to call ahead before rushing over. The doctors like to be as prepared as possible for your visit. You can reach BBAH by calling (786)-231-1111 or for general inquiries visit their website at www.brickellbayanimalhospital.com/

We love what Dr. Frishman and his team have done for the pet community and look forward to a what the future brings for this wonderful practice. Four paws up for these pet care professionals!


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