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How to Keep Your Pets Safe During Fourth of July Fireworks and Celebrations

How to Keep Pets Safe During the Fourth of July Fireworks

The Fourth of July is a festive holiday for us humans, but it can be stressful and dangerous for pets (and one of the busiest days at shelters and vet clinics). We’re here to help you keep your furry family safe, comfortable, and calm throughout our Independence Day celebrations.

Understanding the Impact of Fireworks on Pets

Why Fireworks are Scary for Pets

Fireworks are loud, unpredictable, and can cause significant stress and anxiety in pets. The sudden noises and bright flashes can be overwhelming, leading to fear and sometimes even panic. Please don’t take your dogs out to watch fireworks- chances are they will not enjoy it unless you’ve done a lot of training and desensitization.

Signs of Fireworks Anxiety in Pets

  • Dogs: Panting, trembling, hiding, barking, and trying to escape.
  • Cats: Hiding, excessive grooming, pacing, and vocalizing.

Preparing Your Pets for Fourth of July Fireworks

Microchip and ID for Pet Safety

  • Microchip Your Pets: If they aren’t microchipped, get it done, and make sure it’s active. 
  • Update ID Tags: Make sure your pets’ ID tags are current and securely attached to their collars.
  • Take a Current Photo of your Pets: Have a recent photo of your pets in case you need to make lost pet posters.

Create a Safe Space for Pets During Fireworks

  • Secure Your Yard: Check your yard for holes or spots in your fence that a frightened pet could escape through.
  • Create a Safe Space: Set up a comfy area in your home where your pet can retreat when fireworks start. This can be a crate for dogs or a room for cats with their litter boxes- you definitely don’t want to forget those!
  • Make sure no one opens doors during fireworks.Pets may bolt during the worst of it. 
  • Refrain from having friends bring new/unknown dogs over. It’s not a great night for socializing.
  • Bring your outdoor kitties in for the night. 

Exercise and Calming Aids for Dog Safety

  • Before the Fireworks: Give your dog plenty of physical exercise earlier in the day to help burn off energy. Remember that Miami fireworks start early and remember to keep them on a leash outside to prevent bolting if they get startled.
  • Administer Calming Aids: Use calming chews or medications if prescribed by your vet. Administer them in advance as they may take time to take effect. Never use human prescriptions for pets without your vet’s approval!

Keeping Pets Safe During Fireworks

  • Bring Your Outdoor Cats Inside:
  • Leash for Potty Breaks: Always keep your dogs leashed during potty breaks to prevent bolting.
  • Keep Doors Closed: Make sure your house guests know to keep all doors closed, and let them know which doors are off-limits. 

Food Safety and Overheating Prevention in Miami

Make sure your pets are not getting into any food if you’re grilling from home. There are so many tempting dishes- rib bones, fatty burgers and hot dogs, corn on the cob… all of these can cause obstructions or pancreatitis. 

  • Avoid Dangerous Foods: Watch what your pets eat! Don’t let them eat cooked bones (chicken, ribs), don’t let them eat fatty food or grill drippings, and be especially careful with corn on the cob, which can cause obstructions. 
  • Prevent Overheating: It’s the middle of the summer in Miami, so please make sure your pets have plenty of water and watch for signs of overheating (check out our blog post on heat stroke). 

Caring for Pets During the Fourth of July Fireworks

Stay with Them and Provide Comfort

  • Stay with Your Pets: Who wants fireworks when you can cuddle your pets in their safe space and provide comfort and treats? Sometimes your presence is the most comforting thing.
  • Play Calming Music: Use music (our dogs love yacht rock and reggae!), white noise from a fan, or TV to mask the noise of fireworks.
  • Provide Treats: Make it a treat party! Create positive associations with fireworks by doling the treats out during fireworks.


Additional Tips for Pet Safety During Fireworks

  • Crate if Necessary: Only crate your dogs if they’re used to it and if it doesn’t cause more anxiety. Don’t let anyone open the crate during the fireworks.
  • Comfort Without Coddling: Provide soothing petting and snuggles without becoming anxious yourself. Our pets pick up on our anxiety and we can make theirs worse if we overdo it on our end. 

Post-Celebration Pet Safety Tips

Yard and Home Safety

  • Check for Debris: Inspect your yard for fireworks debris before letting curious dogs outside. It’s especially important to remove any food scraps or dangerous items left by guests.

What to Do If Your Pet Gets Lost

  • Contact Animal Services: Call Miami-Dade Animal Services first and foremost.
  • Post Flyers and Online Notices: Use Nextdoor, Facebook groups, your WhatsApp groups, surrounding veterinarians, and Craigslist to spread the word with current photos of your pet. Post flyers around your neighborhood as well. 

Preparing Pets with High Anxiety for July 4th Fireworks

Consult a Vet or Behaviorist for High Anxiety Pets!

  • Medications: If your pet is extremely anxious, consult with your vet about medication options like Trazodone, Valium, or Xanax. These require a prescription and some advance planning, but might be worth it if your pups doesn’t respond to calming chews, CBD Oil, Thundershirts, Rescue Remedy, or cuddles/music.
  • Noise Desensitization: Start playing recordings of fireworks at low volume and gradually increase the volume over time, rewarding calm behavior with treats. This process takes some time, but it’s better late than never. 

Again: Calming Options for Pets During Fireworks

  • Positive Associations: Use Kongs, safe toys, and pheromone sprays.
  • Therapeutic Tools: Thundershirts can provide comfort.
  • Calming Music: Play reggae, jazz, or classical music.
  • Supplements: Consider Zylkene, Rescue Remedy, or CBD oil (consult with your vet first).

Best of Luck to Your Pups and Kitties during July 4th!

By following these steps, you can help keep your pets safe and calm during the 4th of July fireworks and celebrations, ensuring a happier and healthier holiday for everyone involved. Your pets depend on you for everything, and taking these precautions will help ensure their well-being during this festive but potentially stressful time.


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