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How to Carve Time to Walk/Run Your Dog This Pandemic

How to Carve Time to Walk/Run Your Dog This Pandemic

Our schedules during the pandemic just seem so hectic and full. You’d think we’d have more time to ourselves but meetings get piled on back to back. Add to that not being able to go out to eat as often as we did before, and if you have kids you have to also manage their time studying and learning from home, too, with their lunch breaks and all. So how do you carve time to walk (or even run) your dog this pandemic? Just like with anything else: it comes down to organization and delegation!


  1. Schedule your pup’s walk or run times. Just like with anything else that’s important to you, put it in your calendar. Make walking your dog a part of your routine. 
  2. Your lunch break: dog’s best friend! You can take your pup on a walk during your lunch break if you’re still working at home. Take your zoom call over your cell phone and get walking. If you’re working back at the office, try to take your lunch at your home and give them a walk then.
  3. Wake up earlier: try to get up early enough to walk them before you have to start work.
  4. Walk them later in the evening when you get home as a way to relax. Whether you you walk them earlier or later, either way in Miami that means cooler weather- a win for both of you!
  5. Schedule a socially-distanced walk with your friends with pups. Make it a standing date every weekend.
  6. Instead of gym time in your house, walk or run with your dog. Make sure to take water for both of you!
  7. Arrange a doggie playdate with your dog’s BFF’s in your backyard. They’ll tire each other out in no time!
  8. Enroll in a virtual or in-person (and socially distanced) dog training program.  
  9. If you’re already back at work and you can’t make it home, hire one of our amazing dog walkers! We’re always ready to help. 

With a little determination and organization, you can get you and your pup’s exercise in daily. 

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