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Top 6 Reasons to Hire a Cat Sitter

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Six Reasons to Hire a Cat Sitter in Miami

It’s inevitable: all cat owners will be taken away from their home at some point due to holiday travel or work.¬† Unfortunately, that means leaving a member of the family behind.¬† You may have¬†to hire a cat sitter or research care for your precious kitty, yet too many cat owners think cats can fend for themselves for a few days.¬† What more do they need besides food, water and the kitty litter box? ¬†While cats are very independent and spend most of their time sleeping or eating, there is much more to consider than convenience and time before leaving your feline friend alone!

1. Routine

Having a pet sitter visit your home allows¬†your cats¬†to stick to their regular routine.¬† The same food, water and¬†bathroom breaks¬†stay consistent causing less stress on the animal.¬† It’s very beneficial if your cat has a specific mix of wet and dry food, specific water needs, or requires medication.

2. Attention: Cats love playtime and affection (most of the time)!  They need interaction, attention, and exercise just as any human would.  Some pets may suffer from separation anxiety and boredom.  All of these factors, if neglected, can lead to negative outbursts (scratching furniture, marking territory, etc.).  Share the love and let your pet sitter pamper your kitty while you’re away.

3. Sanitation

Having a poorly-kept litter box can cause kitties to find new, clean territory to do their business.  Being away for only a day, a cat can use the bathroom multiple times.  Over a few days that could be a sanitary mess!  Having a clean box daily keeps a fresh-smelling and accident-free home.  In addition, if the cat has hair balls or unexpectedly gets sick, a pet sitter is there to clean any accidents and aid your pet.

4. Medical Conditions

Your pet may require medication.  A pet sitter can administer meds as well as check on the animal’s daily health.   Most importantly, someone is responsible if there is an emergency.

5. Logistics

No need to worry about taking your cat to and from a kennel or a friend’s house.  A pet sitter can come directly to your home.  Traveling and staying in an unfamiliar place can be traumatic for a pet.   Staying in a safe environment he or she knows best makes a happy cat.

6. Peace of Mind

With a pet sitter visiting your home daily you have the reassurance your home is secure.   In addition, they can take care of basic household chores like bringing in the paper or watering plants.

This sounds silly, but the next time you are leaving home think from your pet‚Äôs perspective.¬† How would you want to be taken care of?¬† I’m sure you would want the best for yourself or a member of your family.¬†Equipaws Pet Services provides professional, qualified individuals¬†who not only take care of your pets‚Äô daily needs, food, water, medications, bathroom necessities, but will also give the animal quality time, exercise and TLC.¬† In addition, all Equipaws employees are Pet CPR and first aid trained, and are trained to handle any emergency situation until veterinary aid is provided.


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