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Happy National Walk Your Dog Month!

Happy National Walk Your Dog Month!

It’s the New Year, so we have to start with the most classic of New Year’s resolutions: get fit and healthy! Unfortunately, dogs are getting fatter. Did you know that in a 2017 clinical survey carried out by the Association of Pet Obesity Prevention, it was found that 56% of dogs in the United States are obese? That’s about 50.2 million dogs, and the numbers are increasing.

Clinical obesity is worse than being overweight- it results in more secondary conditions such as arthritis, high blood pressure, kidney disease, and certain forms of cancer. Pets with obesity also have reduced quality of life and shorter life expectancy. So, let’s get proactive!

Your pup’s New Year’s Resolution can be simple- for example, to get at least one more walk in a week, and then start increasing the frequency. We know it’s tough to get out when there is so much going on, but make the New Year and Walk Your Dog Month your reason to start changing your habits, one small walk at a time. You know it will benefit you both!  

So, in honor of this new habit, join us in Coconut Grove for our pack walk at 9 a.m. on Sunday, January 10! We walk at a nice pace for about an hour and take water breaks. Check out our event on Facebook to RSVP! We’ll be having brunch at Glass & Vine after, so we need a headcount. 

IMPORTANT: Check with your vet before increasing exercise. Make sure that your pup doesn’t have any underlying health issues. Also make sure to keep safety in mind! Some things to consider include:

  • Always use appropriate collars/harnesses, with ID tags.
  • Wearing bright or reflective gear at night, and be mindful of traffic.
  • Take water with you on hot days and longer walks.
  • Protect those paws in the heat! 
  • Stick to the shade on warm days
  • Don’t stare at your phone when you walk. Be aware of your surroundings- be it chicken bones on the ground, broken glass, snakes, or off-leash dogs.

Here’s to a great 2021- and an awesome pack walk this Sunday!

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