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Bringing the Yellow Dog Project to Miami

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Dog Walkers Helping Dogs in Need of Space in Miami

Did you know that some dogs are DINOS?  As fun as that sounds, DINOS is actually an acronym for Dogs In Need Of Space.  Like people, dogs have unique personalities that are shaped by their experiences as well as medical and mental health conditions.  As such, not all dogs are happy to be approached by charging puppies or inquisitive sniffers, not to mention overly confident and affectionate children or adults. That’s where the Yellow Dog Project comes in, and where our dog walkers hope to make a difference in Miami.

The 411 on the Yellow Dog Project

Some dogs take some time to warm up to others, and other dogs just prefer less interaction in general, but these pups still need a walk just like any other. The Yellow Dog Project came to life in order to help these dogs. Do you want to participate? Simply tie a yellow ribbon to your dog’s leash or collar where it is visible to others.

A yellow ribbon doesn’t necessarily mean that a dog is anxious or aggressive, either.  It could also mean that the dog is either:

  1. in training,
  2. new to their owner/walker,
  3. a foster,
  4. or the dog is recently out of a shelter and acclimating to his or her new life.

There are many reasons dogs may need space. A yellow ribbon is not meant to be off-putting.  Perhaps the owner or walker would welcome a soft and slow approach to get the dog used to other people and dogs.  The yellow ribbon just means “approach with caution.”

How to Approach a Yellow Ribbon Dog:

It is best to call out to the owner/walker and ask if it is OK to approach slowly.  They will know how to handle the situation best.  It is possible that they will ask you to offer a treat to help with their socializing. It’s important to not take it personally when a dog walker or owner prefers you stay away from the pet. It’s about the dog, after all!

Equipaws’ Dog Walkers: Part of the Yellow Dog Project

Equipaws Pet Services is proud to promote the Yellow Dog Project in Miami! Our walkers and runners will now be equipped with yellow ribbons or handkerchiefs for our clients with special dogs. If you feel that it is best for your dog to be walked or run with a yellow ribbon, please let us know! We are happy to help your pets. Regardless of a DINOS’ needs, it is important to share the idea of the Yellow Dog Project and get the word out so that the yellow ribbon becomes a universally understood sign.

Spread the Word!  Let’s Give DINOS their Space!

The Yellow Dog Project Facebook page has many wonderful articles and resources, and it is so easy to click “Share” and educate the friends and family on your feed about the yellow ribbon and what it means.  You can also find them on Twitter @YellowDogProj and on Instagram @yellowdogproject as well.

Projects like these can only succeed through education, so it is important that the Yellow Dog Project be shared widely so that people will recognize what the yellow ribbon means. Do you have a DINO? Share your experiences with us in the comments section, below!

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