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Coconut Grove Pet Sitter Spotlight: Mike Tacoronte

Coconut Grove pet sitter

Coconut Grove Pet Sitter Spotlight: Mike Tacoronte

Meet the newest Coconut Grove pet sitter in our pack, Mike Tacoronte, who will be walking, running and caring for your pets in the dog-friendly Coconut Grove and Coral Gables neighborhoods! Mike served in the U.S. Air Force for 20 years and is now a retired veteran filling his time with volunteer work and animal-oriented activities. Although he has a tough exterior, his big heart and soft spot for animals has made him a perfect fit for our team!

Mike has had the opportunity to volunteer at several animal shelters across the country including in Anchorage, Alaska, San Antonio, Texas and locally here in Doral. “I volunteered at pet shelters because I wanted to get as many dogs as possible out of their cages for at least a few minutes of the day, so they could stretch their legs and play for a while,” Mike tells us. One of his life goals is to keep dogs active and fit, even if they are confined to a shelter.

Coral Gables Dog Walker & Coconut Grove Pet Sitter

As fitness plays an important role for Mike, he finds great passion in walking, playing and running with pups. After he began volunteering with the Miami-Dade Animal Services he discovered our company from a neighbor. “I couldn’t believe that I can do what I love AND get paid!” Mike exclaims. He loves the idea of providing a customized service for dogs, while getting them out and about when pet parents are working or on vacation. He believes regular exercise is crucial to the pet’s well-being, so when he found out our motto was “Fit, healthy, happy!” it was a total match.

We’re lucky to have him in our pack not only as a passionate animal lover serving as a Coconut Grove pet sitter, but also as an avid photographer. Mike focuses his Canon rebel SLR camera on dogs and fitness-oriented models. Mike also practices Movement Culture, which is a free-flowing style of exercise containing elements of breakdance, gymnastics, capoeira, and other arts.

Dog-Walker Dog Toy Tips

When he is off duty, Mike and his Mom share pup parenting for an adorable Schnauzer mix named Charchael. She is a cuddle bug who loves his attention! Mike’s personal favorite and go-to toy for Charchael is the Chuckit. He also uses the Zipflight frisbee with Charchael who loves to catch in mid-air and play tug-o-war! Bonus feature: dogs can’t tear this item to shreds. Mike says, “It’s really sturdy and strong…for most dogs.” He would recommend these toys to any pup parent.

Mike clearly believes dogs are the best thing out there, and so do we! If you see him in the neighborhood feel free to stop and say hello. Mike is looking forward to his days filled with our Equipaws canine family!


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