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Change a Pet’s Life Day

Change a pet's life day

Change a Pet’s Life Day

January 24th is Change a Pet’s Life Day!  This special day was created to help animal adoption and spread knowledge on animal welfare. For pet owners and pet lovers a like, you can change a pet’s life in many different ways! You can:

  • Try volunteering at a local shelter like the Humane Society of Greater Miami or Paws4You, send a charitable donation or donate much needed pet supplies.  
  • If you’re more invested, become a foster pet parent or adopt a pet of your own.
  • If you already have a pet, treat them to a new obedience class or take them on a field trip to a new park.  Any action big or small can change an animal’s life and it just may change yours.

Meghan also shares a personal story that may encourage you to take action this January and change a pet’s life. “Growing up on a farm there was never a dull moment. New animals showing up on our doorstep, pet injuries to tend, vet visits, losses and new life, hence Neverdull Farm being born. Any animal who needed a home was welcome.  We began as a typical rural household with our beloved goldens and a few barn cats. A childhood 4H project turned into 6 goats and a small cattle business.  The menagerie expanded with a famous pig, a goat, and a very special golden retriever.  The tales continued with two donkeys, roosters, and too many cats to count.  We never meant to become a sanctuary for abandoned pets, but animals seemed to find us. When thinking of Changing a Pet’s Life Day, one particular story stood out in my mind.  

One day a huge, light colored golden by the name of Shadow was dropped off by a family friend. Mom was always bringing animals who needed a “foster” home to the farm knowing we most likely would keep them. She said don’t get attached, we have him for a month at most.  Shadow seemed to always have a goofy grin spread across his face. He had a dopey way about him and bounded around like a silly giant dog.  Soon after, we couldn’t resist his loving personality and Shadow became part of our family.  We would end up saving his life in more ways than one.

Our two other goldens, Sheila and Mya, were well behaved, sweet and obedient girls who would go outside to do their business and come back.  One bitter Michigan evening, all three dogs did not come back and were nowhere to be found when calling their name out of the back door.  In a panic, Mom and I went tearing around our property in the truck in search of any signs of life.  We came across our pond and in the headlights we saw two shiny eyes of Shadow who had fallen through the ice and was clinging on with his paws struggling to stay afloat.  In my mind Sheila and Mya were under the ice and I wasn’t going to lose Shadow too.  

Before I knew what my body was doing I tore out over the ice after him, falling through the ice myself but making my way through the icy muck and cattails of the pond.  Adrenaline was keeping my limbs moving in the below-freezing temperature of the water.  My mom was watching terrified from the bank, now screaming as I’m sure she was afraid to lose both of us.  I dragged the 125 pound oaf out close enough to shore where he could walk.  Teeth chattering and alive I hugged him all the way home.  Sheila and Mya were at the back door step waiting for us.  

Shadow seemed to have another chance at life, but not for long.  Soon after he decided to have an affinity for chasing loud trucks and tractors.  I couldn’t tell you why that was so attractive to him.  He was ran over by a truck and later a livestock trailer.  This caused him hip problems, but was somehow able to live a normal life.  Being hit twice and living to bark about the tale was quite miraculous- someone up there wanted him to live or he had 9 lives.  

He was a dog pure of heart, always at your feet or sitting by your side if you were sick or having a bad day.  He was there through boyfriend break ups, the wins and losses of my ongoing team sports, vacation trips to the beach or accompanying me to the park. No matter what the circumstance he always carried his goofy grin that seemed to be contagious.  Who would’ve known a happenstance adoption would create lifelong family memories?  Don’t be afraid to save a pet’s life as it could change yours forever.  

I hope this story touches your heart as it does mine.  I’m so fortunate to work for Equipaws, a company who fully supports a day like this.  Working with local and national rescue groups.  Spreading our love to critters, big and small everyday. Now the question is, how will you change a pet’s life?”


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