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How Does BarkBox Work? Our Pet Sitter Reviews the Popular Gift.

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Bark Box: The Perfect Gift for your Pooch! *

Being an animal lover and long-time pet sitter, you see the bond and love created from owner to pet.¬† These days pooches are receiving the full treatment: spa days, play dates, boutique treats and toys….endless amounts of colorful, creative, sensory-overloading toys!¬†¬†I see trunks, boxes and piles of toys in every household.¬† This may seem like a simple question, but¬†where do the toys¬†come from?¬† How do you know what your beloved animal likes?¬† Are the toys safe?¬† These questions were on my mind as I was¬†perusing Facebook.¬†¬†My normal pop-up ads of¬†clothes¬†and cosmetics have slowly transitioned into animal ads based on my recent employment¬†with Equipaws Pet Services.¬† A new advertisement¬†sparked my interest called BarkBox;¬†a¬†monthly goody box tailored specifically¬†for your pet.

It turns out online shopping has gone to the dogs!¬† The more I researched the more sites I found, but the original ad I saw for Bark Box stood out among the¬†rest.¬†¬†Bark & Co. is a New York-based company, founded by three pet owners,¬†Matt Meeker, Henrik Werdelin, and Carly Strife, and it has hit the ground running with their company website Barkbox.com.¬† They offer a monthly Bark Box that is comprised of unique toys, all-natural treats, and pet products.¬† All products are 100% animal (and human) tested, based on years of collected feedback from real world users.¬† The mission statement behind Bark Box is “dedicated to building products that foster the health and happiness of dogs everywhere.”

How Bark Box Works:

1 РChoose the size of dog you are tailoring your gift set too (small, medium or large).

2 – Choose a plan (varies per month –¬†starting at $29.00 to $228.00, includes free shipping and you may cancel your membership at anytime).

3 – Each box ships on the 15th of every month and 10% of profits go to dog rescues around the country.

The company goes above and beyond to provide the best service for your pet.¬† If your pet turns their snout to a toy, Bark Box offers an exchange program –¬†Scouts Honor!¬†¬† Also, for spreading the word Bark Box has a reward program for all referrals.¬† Any customers who refer Bark Box receive¬†one free¬†monthly gift box.¬† To top it off, you may order boxes that are allergy sensitive.¬† Treats can come wheat, corn and soy free¬†to aid any allergies your pet may have.

The website is welcoming, professional and easy to guide yourself.  It offers a variety of tools including:

  • Bark Post: You can read the latest on animal events, news and even post pictures and videos of your own adored pet.¬† A place where your questions are answered.
  • Bark Buddy: Similar to a dating website, Bark Buddy provides an adoption app for finding the perfect pooch for you.¬† Connecting you with pups who need a new home!
  • Barkgood Team:Provides education to new pet owners¬†who¬†have recently adopted and supports new pet parents with the right tools to start the experience off right.

Bark Box is spreading their love from coast to coast.¬† This past year in New York, NY Bark Box sponsored an Every Dog Adoption, partnering with AC & C of New York City where every new pet owner received a Bark Box to help the new pups and parents get off on the right paw.¬† In Los Angeles, CA they “organized adoption pop ups” and the “Bark Buddy teams placed over 47 dogs from high risk shelters in furever homes!”¬† In addition rescues, shelters and non-profits can register on the website requesting help from the Barkgood Team.

Other Recommendations for Specific Occasions and Pups:

  • Poochpartypacks.com- they Provide a party in a box for any dog, all shapes and sizes, complete with grooming and hygiene products to get your dog ready for the party.
  • FreddiesFinds.com¬†– small dog tested and approved.
  • TrueDrool.com- boxe-breed approved, a gift box for big dogs.

Many websites offer to work with small business owners, promoting and¬†showcasing¬†their latest treats and products.¬† Also, websites have Pay it or “Paw It” forward where¬†you can send a gift box to a friend or to dog rescues!

If you are a dog lover, gift giver or small business owner this is a wonderful gateway into the online arena of safe and satisfying¬†pet products.¬† At the end of the day no dog (or pet) shall go unloved without a toy of it’s own.¬† To¬†all pet lovers out there – Happy Shopping!

*This post was written by Meghan, one of our pet sitters in Brickell, FL. We’re glad to have her perspective on this great gift for pets; we hope you enjoyed it too!

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