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“Bark-Free Hour” with Equipaws Pet Services

How many of you have been in the middle of a Zoom meeting, when all of the sudden your pups decide they just NEED to warn you that someone is outside? Yes, Zoom meetings can definitely be challenging when you’re self-quarantined with dogs.

We’re offering to take your dogs out for as long as you need during your most important meetings. We’re happy to take them out for a long stroll in your neighborhood, or we can even hang out with them in your backyard. Bonus if you have a pool and leave out towels!

This service starts at $38 per hour.

So, be proactive! If you don’t want interruptions or to have a Zoom call like the one below, call us to schedule your “Bark-Free Hour.” You know the number, but here it is: 305.794.3733, or email Jess at reservations@equipawspetservices.com.  We’ll make sure your pups are entertained and loved while you stay productive!

(Thanks to @Will Dukes, our SalesPartner, for the help!)


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