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7 most Important Questions to Ask before Hiring a Cat Sitter in Miami.

Cat sitter Coconut Grove

By Eduardo Montalvo

Looking for a Cat Sitter in Miami? Ask These Important Questions!

As a devoted cat parent, finding the best cat sitter in Miami is more than a convenience; it’s a total commitment to the happiness and well-being of your feline companion. In a market with only a handful of trustworthy options, ensuring your cat receives the best in-home cat-sitting service requires thorough vetting and careful consideration. Cats flourish with routine care, affection, and play within the familiar confines of their homes.

Not just a cat who can stay alone on weekends- they’re family.

The responsibility of a cat sitter goes beyond the basics. The best cat sitters understand feline behavior, address specific needs, respond to unforeseen circumstances, and provide loving care. Before entrusting your beloved feline to a cat sitter, asking the right questions is crucial. Here are seven essential questions to guide you in selecting the best and most dependable cat sitter in Miami:

1. Can you provide good references from previous clients?

References are a window into a cat sitter’s reliability and the quality of their personalized care. Reputable cat sitters should readily share recent and specific references from satisfied clients in the Miami area. You can also head over to Google to read reviews left by cat sitting clients.

2. What is your daily routine for cat visits, and how much time will you spend with my cat during each visit?

A well-structured daily routine ensures your cat receives the best in-home cat-sitting services. Look for a cat sitter who allocates at least 30 minutes per visit for feeding, cleaning, play, and companionship. Our company, for example, will schedule a Meet and Greet before care begins to go over your kitty’s profile and develop a personal plan for their care. Some cats need 30 minutes, some need 45-60, and some even love overnight sleepovers with our cat sitters. We also offer time blocks of 3-4 hours for the incredibly cuddly kitties, as well as medical visits for insulin administration, sub-q fluids, and other medications.

3. Do you have a backup plan in case you can’t make a scheduled visit?

Emergencies happen to everyone, even your cat sitter. Do you know for sure that your cat’s care won’t be compromised? A responsible cat sitter should have a backup plan or support system in place so you won’t be left hanging at the last minute. Our cat sitters work as a team, so we always have a backup in an emergency. Our management team can also care for your cats if our other sitters are booked. Your cat care will never be interrupted when you schedule with Equpaws. 

4. What are your cat sitting rates, and what services are included?

Inquire about their cat sitting rates and the services covered to ensure they align with your budget while providing the best possible care to your feline. Our cat sitting rates are online for you to see, for example, and our cat sitting times can be mixed and matched so your cats get the quality time they’re used to while you stay within your budget. 

5. How will I get updates on my cat during their care?

Regular updates provide peace of mind. Discuss the cat sitter’s communication plan, including the frequency and update methods, to ensure you stay informed about your cat’s well-being. Our cat sitters send photos of your kitties having fun along with a checklist and journal entry about the cat visit. You can chat with your sitter via Precise Pet Care, and you can always email us, as well. 

6. What is your experience with feline emergencies, and how do you handle them?

Emergencies happen, and a competent cat sitter should always be well-prepared. Inquire about their experience with feline emergencies and their emergency protocol. Ensure they are familiar with common issues cats may face and know how to respond promptly. They should know how important it is to keep on top of litter boxes and the frequency of urination and defecation, for example (constipation in cats can be deadly, for example). They should also know your cat’s veterinarian and emergency contact information. We ask these questions for your cat’s profile on our scheduling software. Our management team also supports our cat sitters during all emergencies, talking them through it and showing up in person to transport the kitty to their vet or emergency room as needed. Your cat sitter should be prepared for all of these emergencies. 

7. How do you ensure the safety and security of my home during your visits?

Entrusting your home to a reliable cat sitter involves more than cat care. Inquire about their approach to home security during visits to ensure a trustworthy and professional service for personalized cat sitting in Miami. They should have your alarm codes and passwords in a safe space, for example. 

We hope this guide helps cat parents find the best possible care for their beloved kitties. Equipaws Pet Services takes pride in offering personalized cat care plans that resonate with each cat’s unique needs and understand how much love they need. Whether your feline friend enjoys playful bursts of energy or simply lounging in their favorite spot, Equipaws ensures exceptional care. Guided by a team of professional cat enthusiasts, Equipaws’ cat sitters provide the best care for your feline companionship’s unique behaviors and preferences, ensuring extraordinary, personalized cat sitting infused with a genuine love for cats. Please get in touch with us today to learn more about hiring our cat-sitting services in Miami or to set up your profile and cat care. 


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