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3 Pet Love Stories: How These Pets Found Their Forever Homes

There are quite a few dog rescues in Miami that work hard to find pets their forever homes. We wanted to share three heartwarming stories from some of our favorite dog rescues, Paws4You Rescue and Paw Patrol Animal Rescue. Please enjoy these beautiful stories, told in their own words.

Bigby the 10 year old Collie Mix: Paws4You Rescue’s Miracle

A 10-year-old Border Collie Mix

“We rescued Bigby from the county shelter on March 18th. At ten years of age, we knew the odds were against him, so we immediately jumped in to help. This senior boy did not belong in an overcrowded open admission shelter. We rescued him, so he could be in a peaceful environment and receive the specialized care we knew he would need. After multiple vet visits, we discovered Bigby had a huge mass on his liver and we had to operate to make sure it was not a malignant mass that could affect his quality of life.

On May 13th, Bigby went to the vet for surgery and after 80 minutes, the veterinarian removed a 4.10 lb mass from his liver.
We are happy to announce that the mass was benign, making him the perfect candidate for adoption.

After waiting months at our rescue, Bigby was adopted by a wonderful family that loves and cares for him every day!”

Roy the Senior: Paws4You Rescue’s Special Boy

“We rescued Roy from Animal Services 9 years ago when he was just a puppy. He has made his home at PAWS4you for all these years, and due to his territorial issues and renal failure, finding people willing to give him a chance was difficult. We just wanted people to see what we see in him. Roy has the most loving and genuine soul a dog can have. His eyes take you on this journey and help you understand that even when he is a senior, he remains a puppy at heart. He is so innocent and cherishes even the smallest moments. Being with him makes you realize how fortunate we are and how little is needed to be happy.

In 2019, our volunteers took on the task of making his days the best ones. They prepared many special meals, and most importantly, he went on many adventures. From restaurants to Pinecrest Gardens to a private dog lake and many other trips.

Today, Roy is home. After all these years, it is hard to believe this finally happened, but it did! Due to his pre-existing conditions, Roy was adopted under our Senior’s Program. This means we will cover his medical expenses – forever. Small price to pay, when we see him happy and cherished.️”

The Happy Tail of Barrel, Paw Patrol’s Sweetheart

“After almost a year of boarding back and forth, searching high and low and MONTHS of networking we finally found Barrel’s PAWFECT home!! We want to give a big shout out to Barrel’s amazing foster home Sara Schectman  You were the best foster mom to Barrel. Thank yo
From hit by a car at the height of COVID and dumped behind a Cracker Barrel to months in boarding  we KNEW his perfect furever home was out there we just needed to find it. After just 1 night in his trial home they knew he would never leave.

And we DID IT! Our hearts are full and eyes are teary at PPARAS.

Happy Tails Barrel!
Thank you Jessica Russell and family for giving Barrel the pawfect forever home.”

Support your local pet rescues!

Paws4You and Paw Patrol Animal Rescue give loving effort day in and day out to save Miami’s stray, needy dogs. Please consider supporting them financially, by volunteering, or these other ways if you can!

About Paws4You:

PAWS4you Rescue, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit, volunteer, donor-subsidized animal rescue organization based in Miami, Florida. Over the last 11 years, we have served the vital need of sheltering, fostering, and placing dogs in the southern part of Miami-Dade County. We offer life-saving services and employ various strategies to place and keep animals in loving, lifelong homes. These include:

  • Saving dogs from abandonment and euthanasia
  • Providing needed medical care including, but not limited to, spaying, neutering, vaccinations, and emergency procedures
  • Providing a safe retreat/shelter with the end goal of adopting dogs into safe and loving families
  • Educating the community to spread awareness of our mission and grow its volunteer and donor base.

Visit their Amazon wish list here

Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Paw Patrol Animal Rescue:

Paw Patrol Animal Rescue and Sanctuary is a 501c(3) non profit organization in Miami, Florida dedicated to saving and re-homing abandoned, found and surrendered animals. Our goal is to place healthy and happy pets into forever homes.

We are a foster-based rescue, comprised solely of volunteers who nurture and protect these animals as well as provide shelter and training.

Volunteers and donations always welcomed.

Donate at: paypal.me/pparas

Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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