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Sabrina Vidal

Pet Care Specialist

Sabrina was born and raised in Miami and grew up with her beloved dog, Paco. Her first dog, Paco was a mutt that her cousin brought to her house one night, and the amount of begging she and her sister had to do to keep him was worth it. They instantly became inseparable- sunbathing, going on walks, sleeping together and enjoying late-night snacks, and being her co-pilot when she learned to drive.  Losing him was really hard for her and her family, so becoming a pet sitter and dog walker is the perfect way for her to get her dog cuddles in. She currently shares Cody, a very playful and vocal kitty, with her sister. Sabrina studied psychology and enjoys exercising, reading, traveling, hiking, camping, and almost anything outdoors, even the water activities like the beach, kayaking, and going on a boat. Scuba diving is next on her list! She’s also a genius at crafting cocktails and hopes to own a speakeasy someday after she’s traveled and visited all 50 states.


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