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Precise Pet Care: Equipaws Pet Services’s New Software Is Live March 1st!

Precise Pet Care Equipaws Pet ServicesEquipaws Pet Services’s much-anticipated transition to a new and significantly improved scheduling software known as Precise Pet Care is happening the first week of March!  Please read a more in-depth explanation of the changes and what to expect. 


Why has Equipaws Pet Services chosen to make this change and how will I benefit?



Precise Pet Care (PPC) is a much more robust and efficient system than Power Pet Sitter. PPC offers users a desktop site as well as a phone app. You may use the Precise Pet Care app, which is free to download from your phone’s app store, to gain access to the same features you would enjoy online for ease and convenience. While you can use the PPC desktop site in many of the same ways you used PPS, we encourage you to download the Precise Pet Care app to use the system to its ultimate potential.


On the Precise Pet Care app you can:


  • Schedule your appointments
  • Update household and pet care details quickly
  • See real-time updates on your pets via the digital pet care journal during visits
  • Communicate directly with your pet sitter and/or EPS’s administrative team via the app message board while the visit is in session



Changes to expect:


Because of Precise Pet Care’s many capabilities, we will no longer be using notebooks or pet sit logs for communication. All communication will come via app notification and/or email, also known as pet care journals, depending on your preferred settings. Precise Pet Care offers all the same details that you are accustomed to receiving in our written notes, and now they will be logged, stored, and shared within the system. 



What do I have to do to sign up for and enjoy these awesome features?


You will receive an email from Precise Pet Care within the next 24-48 hours. This email will have an invitation link and code so that you may access your Precise Pet Care account, which we have migrated over from Power Pet Sitter.


While we did our best to import the vast majority of our clients’ information on our end, there are items that will need to be added and/or updated when you first log in. These items include, but are not limited to, the following:


  • Your method of payment and billing address – we cannot approve future appointments without this information
  • Your mobile phone number and preferred phone number
  • Emergency Contact phone numbers (and email addresses if you choose to provide them)
  • Location of fire extinguisher and the days of the week when your trash is collected
  • Custom care questions including household emergency contact, inclement weather contact, and pet guardian
  • Veterinarian and Emergency Veterinarian preference
  • Custom pet questions including noise phobias, hiding places, allergies, medical history, and more


What forms do I actually have to fill out?


Once logged in, clients will be asked to agree to our current Policy Agreement. Our policies have not changed in quite some time; however, some procedures will be impacted by our change in software. You will also be asked to fill out a few forms which include, but are not limited to, the following:


  • Key Policy
  • Behavioral Questionnaire for Dogs
  • Veterinarian Release Form
  • Service Agreement



When should I start using Precise Pet Care for scheduling?


We ask that all clients please use Precise Pet Care to submit requests with a service start date of March 1st and beyond. This means that you can start using Precise Pet Care as soon as you receive your invitation email. 


A few days doesn’t seem like enough time to make this change. What gives?


While we’re only giving clients a few days’ notice, our management team has been diligently working on migrating client info and appointments for weeks. We chose a short-term launch date because we don’t want to overwhelm our team by having them use two systems simultaneously.


That said, you do not have to access Precise Pet Care until you are ready to schedule an appointment. Only those that need to request new services as early as Monday, March 1st have to take action this week. All others may access Precise Pet Care by March 15th. Should you misplace your invitation email between now and the next time you need services, please contact us at reservations@equipawspetservices.com and we’ll be happy to resend your invitation.


What about my existing appointments and pending EPS credits?


Any appointments starting Monday, March 1st or later that have already been approved and charged in Power Pet Sitter will be manually transferred to Precise Pet Care on your behalf.


All future recurring and monthly service contract appointments will be entered into Precise Pet Care by us and approved as usual. We simply ask that you please enter your payment information into Precise Pet Care so that we may bill you on your next billing date.


If you have any pending credits on your EPS account, they too will be manually entered by us into Precise Pet Care for use toward future services. You do not need to do anything to use your credits; PPC will process pending credits before accessing your credit card details for payment. New credits will be applied based on qualifying cancellations and tracked/applied as they have been in the past.



What if I have questions or need help?


The makers of Precise Pet Care have created a client manual specifically for our company. Although we find Precise Pet Care to be quite user-friendly and intuitive, the manual walks you through many of the features and functionalities you’ll enjoy when using the system.


That said, we are committed to making this transition as smooth as possible for our pet parents, managers, and employees alike. For this reason, we encourage you to email us with any questions, comments, or concerns. We are happy to walk you through updating your information, setting up your communication and care preferences, and scheduling services through Precise Pet Care.


We are very excited to show you all that our new and improved scheduling software can do and thank you for your support.


Warmest wags, 


Flavia & the EPS Team