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Let Your Dog Run

Equipaws Dog Runner with three dogs in Miami

Is your dog more active than most?

Some breeds need more than a stretch – they need a run. We take the most active pups out for a good run to get their blood pumping, legs moving, and use up some of that extra energy so that they’re a little more zen by the time you get home.

Why some dogs need to run.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – no two pets are the same. Some breeds are more active by nature and need to run in order to keep their anxiety and hyperactive behavior in check.

We’ll talk about your dog’s breed (or breeds, if you have a mixed breed pup), and what your pet may need by way of regularly scheduled runs during our meet and greet.

Some dogs may be more inclined to run, but as your pet ages, its needs may also change. It’s always good to stay tuned in to your pet over time.

Miami dog runner
Miami dog runner

Dog running done right.

Our dog runners are knowledgeable in the proper way to run with a dog. Surprisingly, not all pet sitting companies are well-versed in properly running with dogs and paying attention to the cues your pet gives during a run to avoid overheating or other dangers common in South Florida. And you can rest assured that all of our dog runners are athletic, so they can maintain a good pace for your pup.

Whether your dog needs a bathroom break or a rest, we take the time and care to ensure your pet’s needs come first during their run.

Choose Your Running Schedule

Depending on your dog’s breed and age, we will recommend different schedules for their runs.
During all of our running visits, no matter the duration, we refresh their bowls with clean water, give your pet a treat, and check on your home to ensure all is well. We also make sure to give ourselves enough time toward the end of the visit to ensure that your pet is comfortable and cooled down after their run.

30 Minute Run


+$6 for each additional pet

60 Minute Run


+$6 for each additional pet

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