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Lynsey Connors

Pet Care Specialist

Lynsey Connors dog walker

Originally from upstate New York, Lynsey grew up on a farm where she learned the value of hard work and dedication. She developed a deep connection with animals, helping her grandparents care for the livestock every day, even waking up at 5 a.m. to lend a hand before school. 

Her love for animals continued to grow throughout her childhood. Lynsey’s dad had a special place in his heart for Dalmatians, and they had two of them as family pets. Her mother doted on two ferrets, showering them with love and attention. Later on, they adopted a Doberman who gave birth to nine puppies on her 9th birthday! As if that wasn’t enough, Lynsey’s family also had two bunnies, a conure bird, and four cats.

Lynsey has always had a natural and organic connection with animals. It doesn’t matter whether they were big or small, furry or scaly – she loves them all. This passion has led her to pursue a career in animal care, and she is currently a pet care specialist with Equipaws Pet Services in the Coral Gables and Coconut Grove communities!


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