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Lynette Socorro

Pet Care Specialist

Lynette Socorro’s love for animals began as a child. Like most young kids, she remembers always begging her parents for a pet of her own. That desire led to hours of watching Animal Planet— where she found that there wasn’t an animal on the planet that didn’t fascinate her and which she didn’t want to learn more about. Her interest in animals ultimately led her to start volunteering in a wildlife rescue. She enjoyed the idea of helping animals and the experience of really getting to know each one. Fast forward to today, where Lynette’s love for animals has only deepened. She now finds herself as a pup parent to Skye and Luna— who she loves unconditionally. The happiness she receives from giving back to those who provide unconditional love is something she would describe as “priceless”. Being part of the Equipaws team, she finds that each day is an adventure— one that brings new opportunities to connect and bond with many furry friends.




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