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Karla Avila-Peregrina

Pet Care Specialist

Karla’s fondness for animals began a long time ago with an ever-growing collection of Wildlife Fact File Binders full of vivid pictures and exciting descriptions of living species all over the world.  After growing up in the Midwest and living with cats and dogs, it was a matter of time before Karla met Luna and Diana – two sweet furry felines looking for a home. Originally from the Midwest, Karla was also a longtime resident of the SF Bay Area and is currently exploring life as a Miami resident.  In her other job, Karla works as a human rights investigator in the agricultural sector.  When not working, Karla spends her time reading, running, biking, cooking, and growing her collection of indoor plants. Oh, and also playing fetch with Luna, cuddling with Diana, and harness training both for future outdoor adventures!



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