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Pet Home Health Care for Vets in Miami

Struggling with compliance for pet care?

You are not alone – on average only 50% of clients follow through with the protocols of a veterinary treatment plan. That’s not the kind of number we, or really anyone, likes to see.

We Close the Compliance Gap

At Equipaws, our trained technicians can administer medications, fluids, and execute your treatment plan in your clients’ homes with fear-free strategies when medical boarding is not an option.

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Here are all the benefits (because, truly there are no downsides) to Home Health Care:

    • You get compliance and more successful outcomes.
    • Your clients don’t have to come in for simple procedures.
    • We reduce unexpected interruptions to your hospital’s flow.
    • We communicate with the utmost confidentiality.

For inquiries about our Home Health Care Services, please contact our Vet Tech Division Manager, Lory Brunner at LoryN@equipawspetservices.com or via phone at 305-794-3733 EXT 513.

Our Home Health Care Services Include:

Nursing Care and Medication and/or Injection Administration

Administration as prescribed by the presiding veterinarian. This includes a variety of nursing practices to help care and allow pets to heal in the comfort of their home.

Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation and Post-Operative Care

With detailed instructions on rehabilitation and post-op care, we are able to step in and ensure treatment continues as prescribed. We provide both the pet parent and the veterinarian with progress updates after each visit. Great for post-orthopedic surgeries.

Subcutaneous Fluid Administration

Once prescribed by the veterinarian, we connect with pet parents to provide set-up and fluids.

Blood Glucose Check

We routinely check a pet’s blood glucose in the comfort of their home. Being able to reduce stress will help achieve more accurate results and promote better management of diabetes. Results will be reported to your offices and pet parents. Veterinarians are responsible for any changes in dosage.

Wound Care and Bandage Change

We will change bandages and apply medication as prescribed. Owner must supply bandage materials and medication as prescribed.

Ear and Eye Cleaning

We gently clean ears and eyes with prescribed cleaner. Applied as prescribed.

Partner with Equipaws Pet Services in order to ensure your pet patients receive the best care possible. Because, even though pet parents may have the best intentions, they may also need a helping hand in providing their beloved pet with the right care, right at home.

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