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What kind of animals do you care for?

We have experience loving and caring for all kinds of animals, including cats (shy cats are not a problem!), dogs (puppies to seniors), rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, sugar gliders, reptiles, fish, birds, and more! Please call us if you have any questions: 305.794.3733.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Yes, we have an online contract, a signed agreement that you agree to let us into your home to care for your pets as well as that you are aware of and agree to our policies and procedures. You agree to the contract by filling out the paperwork online and checking off the policies and procedures box on Precise Pet Care.

How many times a day will you visit my pet, and is there a minimum number of visits per day?

For pet sits: We require a minimum of 3 visits per day for dogs while you’re away and a minimum of 1 visit a day for cats continuously during our pet sits but recommend two. We cannot skip days for cat visits and will not visit them every other day, for example. It’s in the best interest of your kitties and is also required by our insurance policy. We require 3 visits for our canine friends for better quality time. For midday breaks and dog walks/runs: These are typically once a day, unless you feel like giving your pets extra love from us.

How will I be billed?

We currently accept only MasterCard or Visa, which must be added to Precise Pet Care when you make your appointment online. Full payment is charged within 24-48 hours of reservation submission. Clients who book recurring dog walks or dog runs will have their cards charged between the 30th of the previous month and by the first of each month. We cannot render service unless the payment is ready when specified.

Do I have to give you a copy of my keys for pet service?

Yes. We require three (3) sets of keys. During service, one key will be with the sitter/walker, the second set with your back up sitter, and the third set of keys will remain locked at the office for emergencies. In the unlikely event of an emergency that has prevented the sitter from being able to provide service, the spare key at the office may be used to provide uninterrupted service.

If you have a keypad, we still require at least one key but recommend the three. We have had clients’ keypads run out of battery and were successfully able to continue service because we had the backup keys. It’s the responsible thing to do for your pets.

What are your business hours?

Our office is open Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm and Saturday 10:00 am – 3:00 pm. We offer pet sitting Monday through Sunday. Regularly scheduled dog walking is available Monday through Friday.

We are going on vacation, what services do you offer?

I am looking for pet sitting.  (they are really asking for boarding.) What is the difference between pet sitting and boarding? What do you recommend?

Hi! We mainly provide pet sitting, which is when one of our pet sitters takes care of your pets in your home. This is a great option for multiple-pet families, for cats, for senior dogs.

We occasionally board small dogs in our home, but really recommend pet sitting as you also receive house sitting services.

How much do your services cost?

It depends on what your pets require, as all services are customizable.

Dog walks:

25 minute nice walk $27
35 minute long walk $31
45 minute walk $38
60 minute walk $45
Additional dogs $5.00.


Pet Sitting:

Pet sits start at $33 per half hour. All pet sits are customizable- we can do an hour, two hours, etc. Additional $5 per pet. Pet sits are performed between 7-9 am, 11-2 pm, 12-3 pm, 1-4 pm and 6-8 pm

Late night visits start at $51 for a 20 – 25 minute quick visit

Overnight stays in your home:

(Arriving by 10 pm, departing by 7 am)

Starting at $225. Each additional pet is $15.

This service requires a midday breaks for your pup, starting at $33 for a half hour.

Services include:

  • Feeding and water refresh
  • Home security check
  • Exercise, play, and snuggles
  • Convenient items, like watering plants
  • Cleaning after your pet
  • And other reasonable requests.


Boarding: Dogs over one year old start at $85 per day (or fraction of day) Puppies start at $100 and may be more depending on level of training. Price is per day or fraction of day. Call or email for a quote.

*we only take dogs 40 lbs and under.

Can you all administer medication?

We can and do administer medication. You must provide the medium for administering the medication, be it pill pockets or oral syringe. Insulin shots require extra care; please let us know in advance. Learn more about our Pet Home Health Care services here.

We do our best with pets who are difficult to medicate, but we cannot be held responsible if the pet snaps at a sitter and misses a dose. It is up to you to have your pet trained and used to taking their medication. We recommend setting up several visits prior to your departure so your pet feels comfortable with our team administering their medications. 

I need someone to stay at my house all day. Is that something that you do?

We currently do not offer an all-day service, but we can schedule an overnight stay that runs from 10 PM until 7 AM, and then set up a customizable schedule for your pets for visits throughout the day. We do offer extended visits on your needs and our pet sitters’ availability.

My housekeeper will be home. She can take care of the visits during the day. Is that ok?

We do not share pet care with any other parties. We are very particular about the kind of care we give and we would hate to have something happen while, for example, your housekeeper or neighbor cares for your pet. What if s/he leaves a door unlocked, gives medication and doesn’t mention it (leading to doubling up on meds, a potentially life-threatening situation), neglects to take out the dog, or leaves a door unlocked, exposing your pets and your home to issues? It’s a huge risk and liability for you, for your pets, and even a possible safety issue for our pet sitters.

Can you take my dog to the vet?

We’re happy to! Our pet transportation starts at $45 per pet, each way, with an added charge of $10 per extra pet. It will be an extra $50 if you’d like your pet sitter to stay with your pet.

I need to surrender my dog. Can you take my dog?

We are not a rescue or a dog shelter. Please contact a local rescue to surrender your dog, and do not take them to Miami Dade Animal Services as they may euthanize dogs who are not adopted. Please refer to our blog post on surrendering your dogs: https://www.equipawspetservices.com/surrendering-dog-miami/

Do you offer training?

We currently do not offer training but can refer you to reputable local dog trainers.

Do you do agility?

No. But these trainers have offered agility in the past:

Applause Your Paws

Paws in Motion

General Pet Sitting Questions

What times do you typically visit a home?

Pet Sits are available Monday through Sunday:  7AM to 9AM, 11AM to 2PM, 12 to 3PM, 1 to 4PM and 6 to 8PM; we also offer a late night check-in from 9 to 10PM. Overnight stays are a great alternative to boarding and start between 9:00 – 10:00 PM and end at 7:00 AM the following morning, and require you to schedule a midday pet sit. Midday dog walks and runs are available Monday through Friday. Times and services are customizable, but may incur an additional charge. Please call our office for details.

Note: we do walk dogs for long stretches in weather over 90 degrees, nor do we walk dogs when there is lightning. We’ll take them out for a quick potty break, then back in for safe play indoors.

What's the difference between pet sitting and midday visits?

A visit is considered a “pet sit” when you have left your home for an extended period of time or if you need a visit outside of the 10 – 4 PM dog walking time frame (vacation, work trip, etc.). We require at least 3 check-ins for dogs during pet sits due, in part, to our insurance’s requirements, but also to give your dogs the best companionship and care. Cats are considered a bit more independent, and can tolerate one visit a day. Midday breaks happen while you’re at work or away from your home, but still coming home that night to care for your pets. These pet services are for when you want a little relief for your pets. Dog runs and walks can be added to midday breaks

Will my pets get the same pet sitter every visit?

We will make every effort to assign the same pet sitters to visit your home within a predetermined time frame, based on a schedule designed with us during your complimentary in-home consultation. We work as a team, so each service area has at least two pet sitters in it. Your pets will have the benefit of being visited by the same team members. Please keep in mind that sometimes emergencies occur and your usual pet sitter will not be available, but their team member will give your pets the same high-quality care and love your babies are used to! Our pet sitters have all been thoroughly trained and will take over until your original pet sitter is available.

My dog has never been left alone. What do you recommend as far as pet care?

Most dogs will do very well with in home pet sitting. They are in their environment where they feel most comfortable. Prior to creating a customized care plan, we need to make sure we have all the details about your pup’s personality and needs.  We require three visits a day at the minimum for dogs, with many clients scheduling a fourth, late-night check in. We do recommend easing your dog into pet sitting the first time with a test run of a couple of days before any long trips.

Smaller dogs may have the option of boarding in one of our pet sitters’ homes. Please ask the office about this service.

Do you walk my dog during a pet sit?

We can walk a dog during a pet sit at your request! Some pet parents prefer that we play in the backyard or minimize outdoor time. Your pet sits are completely customizable. We’ll determine the best kind of exercise for your dog at our meet and greet.

My dog needs to wait 30 minutes after eating to go on her walk. Do you have longer visits?

Yes, we can customize pet sits for you! Many clients book 45 or 60 minute visits or even a couple of hours at a time.

Overnights, do you stay over our house? How long do you stay at my house? What do you do while you were at my house?

Our overnight service means our pet sitters sleep over your home from 10 PM to 7 AM. We can take your dog out for a late walk or backyard play, then come back inside for more cuddles and playtime. We take care of any other pets’ needs as well- from scooping litter to feeding fish and birds. Then we feed in the morning and and make sure your pus have relieved themselves before leaving. At least one midday break for relief is required between visits- although most pet parents schedule two breaks in between: a midday for an early afternoon pet sit, and then an early evening visit for a feeding and walk.

Our sitters will alternate lights, turn your TV on or off, radio, water plants, bring in newspapers and mail, all according to your specifications. They will perform light cleaning related to your pets and of course clean up any accidents.

How often should you visit a puppy?

That depends on the puppy’s breed, age, and level of training. A younger puppy in the middle of potty training who has a small bladder will need to be visited more often than a larger breed puppy who is 9 months old and already fairly potty-trained. That’s why we customize all services. The rule of thumb is that a pup who is 5 months old should be able to hold her urine for 5 hours, a pup who is 7 months old should be able to hold it for 7 hours, etc. This all depends on training, how much water they’re given, and more.

Can I always have the same pet sitter? My dog would prefer that.

We do our best to schedule the same pet sitter, but we work as a team so your pup will get to know his own personal team of caregivers. We have several pet sitters who take care of pets in specific neighborhoods and back each other up should anything happen to your pup’s main sitter/walker. That way we never cancel visits or walks and your pets’ care is uninterrupted.

What do you recommend for a senior dog?

Senior dogs require extra care depending on their health. If your pup is having trouble with incontinence, we recommend a minimum of three visits a day to keep them comfortable.  We have a late night visit (9-11 PM) that may be a good option so they relieve themselves before bed. We also have to take into account if your senior takes medicine multiple times a day.

I have a dog. I also have a cat. But you don’t need to do anything for the cat while we are away.

As pet-care professionals, we cannot, in good conscience, ignore additional pets in the household needing care. All additional pets must be registered and there will be a $4 per pet fee added.

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General Dog Walking Questions

What do you do when it rains and I have a walk scheduled?

We walk rain or shine, barring thunder and tropical storms/hurricanes. We take your pup out for a potty break to make sure they get relief, then bring them back inside to be dried off with the towels you provided and to get cuddles and playtime indoors.

My dog only needs a 10 minute walk. What would you do the rest of the time you're at my house (25 min walk)?

We’d play and pamper your pet for the rest of the visit! We’d also take care of anything in your home that the pup may have had too much fun with while you were away (torn up paper towels, getting into garbage, etc.). Our goal is to make your pet feel special and loved while you’re gone!

General Cat Sitting Questions

How often should you visit a cat?

Cats should be visited daily. Despite being resilient and tough, they can be very fragile and need to be monitored for any issues.

I'd like to set up appointments every other day for my feline friend. Is that something you do?

No, we do not provide every other day visits for cats. Although our feline friends are independent, it is important to keep an eye on them daily.

I have a dog. I also have a cat. But you don’t need to do anything for the cat while we are away.

As pet-care professionals, we cannot, in good conscience, ignore additional pets in the household needing care. All additional pets must be registered and there will be a $4 per pet fee added.

Miami cat
Bearded Dragon eating vegetables in Miami

Policies and Procedures

What is your hurricane policy?

What are your safety and policy procedures?

Your safety and privacy are our top priorities; our business depends upon maintaining your personal information confidential, your property secure, and your pets well-cared-for and happy. That is why we have such a thorough client packet. The answers to those questions allow us to be prepared for every possible contingency. We keep your keys organized with a secure filing system coded for anonymity and your personal information under lock.

No one but your pet sitter will be allowed in your home in your absence unless previously authorized by you. We will not split care with other caregivers, and will thank you to schedule your third party services at separate times unless there is an emergency. We do not advertise our presence with conspicuous logos in the form of advertisements on vehicles since we feel this could alert others to your absence. We will make sure your home looks lived in, alternating lights, taking out and bringing in garbage cans and mail, and taking care of other important details. We will review our privacy policy during your complimentary initial consultation. Your contract is available to you online on Precise Pet Care.

What is your cancellation policy (holidays and regular)?

We do not offer refunds.  Cancellations with less than 48 hours’ notice will be charged in full and no credit will be applied. There is a 50% surcharge on holidays.  See below for cancellation policy over holiday periods. Holiday periods are the dates surrounding holidays. All prices subject to change. 

Cancellations over Holiday periods:

15 days before: full credit given

7-14 days before 50% credit given

6 days or less: no credit given

Any cancellations or changes to services must be confirmed by contacting the Equipaws Pet Services office directly by phone or email. Our pet sitters and dog walkers cannot accept changes, cancellations, or additions to services.

Please be aware that our cancellation policy is firm, and we cannot make exceptions for any circumstances, including illness, travel disruptions, or schedule alterations. However, we are more than willing to collaborate with your travel insurance provider and can provide any necessary documentation they might require for claims processing.

Holidays include:

-New Year’s Eve
-New Year’s Day
-Martin Luther King Day
-President’s Day
-Mother’s Day
-Memorial Day
-Father’s Day
-Independence Day
-Labor Day
-Columbus Day
-Friday after Thanksgiving
-Christmas Eve
-Christmas Day

Please call us to discuss your situation if an emergency arises. We always do our best to work with you!

Scheduling Questions

How do I make an appointment?

We know you’re busy! So, for your convenience, we use Precise Pet Care for all our scheduling and reservations. Sign up with Precise Pet Care now or call us with any questions: 305.794.3733. We do our best to answer calls and questions within 24 to 48 business hours. All communication is handled through the office; pet sitters/dog walkers cannot schedule appointments for clients.

What is Precise Pet Care?

Precise Pet Care is a robust and secure online pet care scheduling program that offers users a desktop site as well as a phone app. You may use the Precise Pet Care app, which is free to download from your phone’s app store, to gain access to the same features you would enjoy online for ease and convenience.

On the app you can:

  • Schedule your appointments
  • Update household and pet care details quickly
  • See real-time updates on your pets via the digital pet care journal during visits
  • Communicate directly with your pet sitter and/or EPS’s administrative team via the app message board while the visit is in session

Precise Pet Care allows you to schedule or make changes to your appointments 24 hours a day, every day of the week. The service allows you to fill out your pet’s profile online at your leisure with a wealth of detail- which makes caring for your pet a breeze! All services must be requested through Precise Pet Care or directly with our Miami office. Our pet sitters/dog walkers cannot accept changes, cancellations, or additions to services

Sign up with Precise Pet Care now.

How much notice do I need to make an appointment?

Our daily clients: we agree on a schedule on your initial consultation. Give us 72 hours’ notice if you’d like to change that agreed-upon schedule. Last minute pet sits incur a small convenience fee.  

You can schedule your own appointments up to three days prior to the start of care. If you need care in less than three days, then you must either email or call the office, as you will be unable to enter any requests in Precise Pet Care that close to your service date.

Holidays: During very busy holidays, it’s recommended that you schedule your appointment as early as possible. We prefer 7 days in advance minimum. We fill up quickly.

What if I have an emergency?

Email us at reservations@equipawspetservices.com or call us at 305.794.3733 right away since requests being made with less than 72 hours’ notice cannot be entered into Precise Pet Care.

We will always try to accommodate you and your pet’s needs, even with last-minute service. We will do our very best to provide you with support during emergencies, but cannot guarantee we will have pet sitters available very short notice. Last minute pet sits (24 hours or less) incur a small fee.

Do you have any references?

Yes, please visit our Testimonials, Facebook, and Yelp pages.

Do I need to have the initial consultation? I'm in a hurry.

Yes, the initial consultation is mandatory! This is an important meeting where we get to know you and every detail about your pup, cat, or smaller loved one in order to develop their customized pet care plan to fit your schedule and your pet’s needs. We will review the service agreement and make sure your Precise Pet Care profile is properly filled out, collect three sets of house keys, and your pet’s health records.

This meeting is important because it’s how we become familiar with the location of your pet’s food, your pet’s allergies, food habits, exercise preferences and other important details, like preferred walking routes, favorite toys and treats, or the perfect spot to scratch, too. You should expect the visit to take from 30 to 60 minutes. Clients should have their profiles filled out as much as possible to keep visit time down.

Meet and greets scheduled with less than seven days before start of service will incur a $44 fee. During COVID, we are performing virtual meet and greets. 

What happens if my travel plans change?

This happens often enough at Miami International Airport! If your trip is overextended for whatever reason, contact us as soon as possible so we can try to accommodate extra care time. Much like your pets, we thrive with good communication

I am interested in your services, what is the next step?

Request an initial consultation via Precise Pet Care or give us a call: 305.794.3733.

Can I communicate with my pet care specialist?

You can communicate directly with your pet sitter and/or Equipaws Pet Services’ administrative team via the app message board while the visit is in session. Download the Precise Pet Care App from your phone’s app store. Use your existing profile username and password to log in. Your pet care specialist will also leave a digital journal with notes and photos for each visit. 

Please note that your Pet Care Specialist may be busy and not reply since they are taking care of your family and home.

How do I know if my pets were visited?

Under communication preferences on Precise Pet Care, you may opt in for email or SMS messages (or both) to confirm your visit was completed. Please make sure to confirm your preferred method of communication. You will also see photos in the digital journal. 

How do I see my pets?

You will see your pets on your digital journal on Precise Pet Care at the end of each visit. You will also have notes from your pet care specialist there.

In addition and if you’ve allowed us to, we post photos of your pets on our private Facebook group while you’re away.

This is a private group reviewed by our management team for membership admission. We’ll be posting your pets’ photos to this Facebook group the way we have been posting twice to three times daily on our business page- but this will be much easier to scroll through and find your pets’ photos via tags! No more scrolling forever!

We have organized our photos into weekly albums to make it easy for you to see your pets without much trouble. For example, if you’ve had walks or pet sits with us in March, you will find your photos in the album titled “March 1-7 2019 Daily Dog Walks & Pet Sits.”

This is our Facebook page: Equipaws Pet Parents.

We post less often on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/equipawspetsmiami/


To find your pet’s photos on Facebook:

Joining and participating is easy:

    • Join Facebook if you haven’t already. If you’re not a fan of FB, no problem, we promise you can just pop in for pictures of your pet and pop right off. It’s a private environment made just for our Equipawsian Parents!
    • Request to Join our Private Equipaws Group for Pet Parents


  • Check in whenever you want to see the latest from your Pet Care Professional and pet!
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