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Eduardo Montalvo

Pet Care Specialist

Eduardo has had a genuine love for animals since he was little, having had numerous pets throughout his childhood. When he arrived in the United States over 27 years ago, he headed to the animal shelter in search of a kitten that could be a playmate for his two little daughters. And that’s how GATO came into their lives (GATO means cat in Spanish). His cute and clever little kitty shared his whole life with Eduardo’s family and inspired a series of illustrated children’s books called “The Adventures of Gato Tito,” named after his use of the diminutive “gatito.”

One of Eduardo’s most heartfelt desires is to spend time with as many feline friends as possible, treating them kindly and affectionately as if they were his own cats. He’s one of our fantastic kitty whisperers, caring for them exclusively. He looks forward to giving them love and care as an Equipaws Pet Services cat sitter!


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