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Cori Murphy

Pet Care Specialist

Cori was born and adopted from Jeju Island in South Korea. She grew up in a small town in Maryland with her family and Shih Tzu, Baxter. Surrounded by farm animal life growing up, Cori found her passion for both large and small animals at an early age. Cori studied at The University of Alabama (Roll de) and recognized her true passion for animals had never subsided. While in Alabama, Cori worked at two veterinary hospitals, one including exotic animal care. Inspired by her mother, Ellen, Cori was taught to always follow her passion and do what makes her happy. Cori is finishing her last year of school for her veterinary technician certificate this fall. When Cori isn’t working, she enjoys cooking, working out, exploring music, and being at the beach. Cori is so excited to share the love she has for animals with your pets!




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