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Annemarie Yenor

Pet Care Specialist

Annemarie was born in Venezuela and raised in Palmetto Bay. She has always loved dogs and grew up with a boxer (Brownie), a German Shepherd (Kahlua), a pug mix (Mocha), and is now fur-mom to Bo, a boxer that she’s had since he was just six weeks old. Animals, dogs in particular, have always made her happy. 

As a nurse practitioner, Annemarie spends a lot of emotional energy taking care of her patients and providing them with the best possible care at their lowest points. She’s found that spending some extra time with animals helps refuel her emotional energy and allows her to be a better mom and a better care provider for her human patients. Ideally she’d love to get Bo certified as a therapy dog and be able to take him to see patients in the hospital. If he can put a smile on her face at the end of the day, she knows he can do the same for others who desperately need it.




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