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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Shoo Fly, Don’t Bother Me: Screwworm Infestation in Miami Written by Sam Arner Maggots…the word alone is enough to make your skin crawl. We often associate the word with dirt and filth, but maggots are simply the larval stage of a fly. And just like all living things, a maggot’s got to eat. Typically, maggots feed on decaying animals to help fuel growth. Although disgusting, they are a vital clean-up crew for the environment. Notice […]
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5 Easy New Year’s Resolutions for Dogs and Cats The New Year is here and it’s time to not only improve ourselves, but also the lives of our furry family members. We have five easy, simple ways you can improve your pets’ quality of life. Enjoy these simple New Year’s Resolutions for your pets! 1. Work out more! It’s the New Year, so we have to start with the most classic of New Year’s resolutions: […]
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6 Reasons to Start Walking Your Dog Yesterday We all want to be great dog parents. We intend to train our dogs, practice learning new tricks every day,  take them out for a walk- no! two walks! a day… but when we get home tired from work, it’s much easier to let them out in the yard to do their business alone then let them back in for Netflix and pets. But dogs don’t create […]
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