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Vet Transportation: We take your Pets to the Vet!

Miami veterinary transport

Veterinary Transportation: We take your Pets to the Vet!

Does your pet need a routine checkup or an emergency doctor’s appointment? Equipaws offers a special service to transport and accompany your pet to the vet in our service areas, including South Miami, Brickell, Coral Gables, Coconut Grove, and more. One of our staff members will pick up your pet, even if you’re absent, and escort your loved one to your preferred veterinarian in the neighborhood.

We prepare for vet visits in our initial Meet and Greet with questions such as:

  • Where do you keep your pet carrier?
  • How does your pet behave while traveling?
  • What gear or materials will we need for your pets transportation?
  • What veterinarian office and DVM do you visit?
  • Does your pet have any medical history we should be aware of?

(Note: Are you a new client and unsure what a Meet and Greet consists of? Visit our blog on Meet and Greets! 

We ask these questions mainly to be prepared in an emergency situation when pet sitting or dog walking, but the information comes in handy if a pup or kitty needs to see a doctor. The information is logged on your pet profile on Power Pet Sitter, so management has access as needed.

Why use our veterinary transportation?

The service is very convenient for pet parents in various scenarios. We all have busy lives and sometimes we cannot be super men or women. Being in multiple places at once for your career, kids and pets can be difficult to manage. That’s where Equipaws comes in!

You could find yourself in a situation rushing to work and notice your dog had an irregular morning bathroom break and didn’t eat breakfast, causing concern. Or maybe your cat is overdue for a routine visit for yearly shots and a teeth cleaning.

We are happy to come to your home, pick up your pet and comfort them while the doctor attends to their needs. If you prefer, we can drop off your furry family member and pick them up at a later time if the appointment is longer.

We have a handful of clients utilize this service. Recently, we had a parent leave the country for a planned holiday. As pets are impeccable with timing, their older cat became ill right before the couple’s departure. After a quick phone call to Equipaws, the parents had scheduled a vet visit for their sweet girl and which allowed them peace of mind while traveling. We were given the appointment time, local clinic, and medical supplies needed to take this lovable girl to the vet and bring her home as good as new.

The service is a great tool for existing clients as we have access to necessary pet travel information, are familiar with the dog or cat’s behaviors, and have the keys to your home. We make the trip as seamless and convenient as possible.

In addition, Equipaws is happy to make the accommodations for you. Provide the vet information, location, medical history and reason for visit, and we can schedule the appointment and transportation for your pet.

Vet Appointment Fees are as Follows:

  • Veterinary Transportation Starting at $30.00
  • Additional Pet $10.00
  • Accompanying the Pet during the trip Starting at $50.00

Pet parents have used us in a pinch or planned a visit in advance. If you are a new client in need of this service you can register on our website at www.equipawspetservices.com. If you have any questions or requests please email info@equipawspetservices.com  or call our business line at 305-794-3733.


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  • Kristofer Van Wagner

    I never knew that there was such a service as vet transportation. This is a very convenient service as it will help save time. I just moved to a new town and I will look into this service.


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