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Monthly Archives: June 2016

Take your Dog to Work Day Our assistant manager Meghan writes beautifully about the importance and benefits of National Take Your Dog to Work Day. Enjoy.   In my prior life, working at a Country Club as a golf instructor, day-to-day duties were very proper and rule-oriented. It was “Yes Ma’am” or “My pleasure Mr. So and So”. Although the environment was strict, the property was beautiful with lush green grass, snowcapped mountains in the background […]
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  Tips on introducing new dogs to one another. This month’s Trainer’s Corner spotlights introducing new dogs to one another. This is perfect for a few of you who have adopted new pups into a family already consisting of canine companions. Many of you already know of Dee Hoult, Miami’s Doggy Deeva and owner of Applause Your Paws, one of the premiere dog training companies in South Florida. We refer many of our clients to […]
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  Prepare your pets for hurricane season June 1st marks the beginning of hurricane season for the coastal states. The media does an excellent job covering any sign of a tropical storm or hurricane from the very first rain drop. As Floridians we are knowledgeable on how to prepare and take action if we have a power outage, survive without running water or in the worst case forced to evacuate. But what about your furry […]
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